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New to Lots of Things on Here


I am new to the world of lifting to get bigger. I am currently 25 years old 5 10''5 and 210 pounds.
I never really had to work out in my past with weights to get big just did some cross training. I used to be a track and field cross country guy. And mixed in lifting with some workouts and was at a solid 195-200 with out use of proteins or sups.

But now I do not have time to run like I once did and gained a few pounds over the last few years. At this point I believe I need help and advice from people here.

My goal is to get rid of my fat and get my chest built I have always had chest issues.
Also I read over the guides, but was looking for a fast tracked kind of guide.

A routine that I would like would be one with out the use of proteins and supplements. And if anyone works out with very little weight that would be nice to know what you do exactly.

As of now my body is as
Biceps flexed = 15'' 7 months ago was 18''
Forearm flexed = 13'' 7 months ago was 15''

thighs= 26''
calves= 16''
also are my measurements average for my weight and size for a person who has not really lifted?
Only noticeable area I have fat currently is my stomach (not really noticeable but bothers me)


You want to get big without using protein or heavy weights? Well, I can't help you...I'd be interested to see someone who COULD help you given those parameters.

Btw, either you were fat 7 months ago, or you are measuring wrong. I don't think you cross countried your way to 18 inch arms.


I have not worked out once or done a single thing in the last 7 months but drink and be lazy thats all.

I will post a picture from a few months back when i was in some kind of shape.
And it was not all just cross country I used to do a lot of push ups pull ups and few other things.

Also I know how to use a tape, and what part to wrap around to gain proper mes.

the only reason I rather pass on sups or proteins just worried about effect of use.


picture is from 9 months ago.


last summer.



you think you look muscular there?


care to explain the effects youre referring to with regards to using protein supps?


Do you know how much of a difference there is between 15 and 18 inches on your arms? If I lost 3 inches (of presumably, muscle) on my arms I'd fucking freak out.

Perhaps you need to reassess your own perception of your physique. Knowing your actual sizes and level of muscularity is going to help when you start weight training properly.


Seriously, what is going on here?

Beginners' section...




look up cross fit type workouts if none of the ones on here are what you want.

you could also try googling bodyweight workouts. there are many websites devoted to just that.


For fuck sake why are so many people trollin' the beginners section?


18" ? I don't think so.

Do 5/3/1, you can keep your conditioning and also get strong.

Although it sounds like you want to use only little amounts of weight? And you don't want any protein?


Sorry if i offended people on here my time frame in months may have been longer from the loss on my arms I can post actually pictures with measuring tape to verify I am doing it correctly? I think currently I am closer to 16'' and not fat. When I gain weight I do not gain fat in my arms, just my belly. I am currently 25 years old and have gain a little belly that I am just grossed out by and want to fix that and I would like to get bigger and be in better shape.

Reason I am weary of sups and proteins is simply cause I have heard hurry stories from friends saying they took this or that and lax on working out and got fat afterwards. If this is not that fact or true I am open to suggestions. Also I make sure to include lots of protein in my daily eating habits, lots of chicken and greens and eggs, but I have gained weight due to more drinking in the last year and eating at the same time.

Mostly my goals here are to learn learn learn and fix my chest even when I was in great shape I never really had nice pecks they have always lacked in size compared to rest of my body.

Also I didn't post the pictures to show that I think I am big??? I have learned there is always someone bigger than you, but as long as you push hards as you can no worries right? I posted the pic to give a idea of my arm size. Lesson learned next time I will only post measurements with tape.

so if there is anyone that would like to help me here I would be very grateful I admire lots of people on this site and how they have shaped there bodies with dedication a thing I lack a times, but now its get real time. I just had a son and need to look good and be in shape to set a great example. Its no so easy to go back to my roots and run 100 miles a week like I once was doing. Thank you again and sorry for the first greeting.


Also I am in desperate need of a work out that promotes better posture. I am 5''11 but over time I have been slouching and look 5''9 its annoying.


This is me over a year ago
all i was doing is running and swimming


18 inches is pretty big bro, anyway, if you really wanna delve into this world, get away from the motherly stigma of protein and creatine, both are naturally occuring and you'd be foolish to not atleast use protein, no ones is telling you to take steroids. and shortcuts dont fly here, they dont work ANYWHERE. you wanna get in good shape you have to eat right and work hard plain and simple. use 5/3/1, its genius, its simple, its great for any level of ability. you gotta change your outlook a little bit, you always have time to get in shape and you have to embrace the long road


^ very honest words thank you for them, ok if i start proteins what should be my first kind to buy or get?
also what is the 5,3,1 ?


no problem bro, as for protein optimum nutrition is one of the biggest supplement brands our there and unlike a lot of huge brands their stuff is great, any of their protein and actually any of their stuff period is good. 5/3/1 is a workout program created by jim wendler, one of the authors on this site, its simple but its extremely effective for anyone regardless of their level of ability, if you search wendler on this site you'll find it, or even easier, if you go to the top of the page and click on training lab, is name will be on there is page has links to all his articles, he has a great philosophy towards lifting, attitude and life in general, heed his words, best of luck bro, as long as you work hards, the gains will come


Thank you very much once again!
I will look into getting the proper items I need to get the gains I desire and report back weekly after I start thanks again.