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New To Lifting...

Hey yall, Im new to lifting and enjoy your site/forums really well, i have learned alot so far and hope to further educate myself by reading your articles etc. Anyways… Im going to try and post some pics of me on here when i get home today, Im 6ft2 and currently weight around 245. I did weight close to 280lbs about a 2 months ago. I decided i wanted to stop losing weight and try and mass up before cutting down anymore… I only have 1 picture at the moment, and its of my arm…

-As soon as i get my picture up tonight im hoping to get some suggestions on gaining some mass. below is some info on my diet etc -

Diet: Currently I just try to eat clean and stay away from junk food. Drink primarily water. Eat alot of protein foods and take creatine post workouts.

Workout: Varies a little, im working the “kinks” out of it.
Monday: Shoulders and Bi’s
Tuesday: Legs, Misc Muscles
Wendsday: Chest and Tri’s
Thursdays: OFF/Outside Labor lol
Friday-Sunday Various muscle groups, usually i just rotate between upperbody and lowerbody workouts. Also do sittups nearly every day.

Any suggestions would be great, Thanks everyone

Oh yea, a little more info:
Age 21
Workout length: 1 Month

I’m not actually a big fan of bodypart splits, how’s it working out for you?

If it’s only yielding marginal results you might wanna look into either full body 3 times a week or something like an upper/lower split.

And you’re working out too many days a week anyway. You need more time to heal.

Regardless of what scheme you use, you need more rest days.

Ok great, ill give that a try. Well i honestly havent tryed any full body workouts. Ill give it a go tho and see. Ive tryed a few supplyments including N0explode. So far the only one that feels like its made a diff is protein and creatine. Ill try and get some fully body pictures up when i get home ina few hours. Thanks for your reply, i appreciate it. Im also currently doing low weight high rep workouts, and im thinking about changing that to heavy/low rep… If it will benefit me @ my size.

TBT is a great plan, check Waturbury’s articles for it.

One question I have for you- you say you’re 6’-2" and 245lbs- but the guy in those pictures looks nowhere near that big. Where are you carrying all of your weight? And at 280lbs you were pretty obese, your arms have enough definition now so I’m surprised you only lost 40lbs. Were you bulking to 280, or what?

Well i was pushing 280 and yes i was fat, i ran my ass off about 3x’s a day, got shin splints so i had to stop, and now i figured out id rather not lose anymore without having some muscle lol Im 6’2 or 6’3 barefoot… and last time i checked (a week ago) i was weighin in at 246lbs… I currently eat quite a bit but im not gaining any, i guess i jump started my metabolism (hopefully). Ill post some pictures of my weight and full body, i still need work for sure, but just tryin to not screw up too much my first go around lol. Everyone thinks i weigh about 110-115ish, but from what my scale says its 145. I wasnt “bulking” at 280, i was just a fat ass. I may run next door and use the scale lol Thanks for your reply, ill do my best to get the pics up asap