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New to Lifting

Hello all,

I wanted to quickly introduce myself as I am new to the forums, as well as ask a quick question.

I have been reading articles from T-Nation for awhile but I decided it was finally time to get involved in the community and take my training(?) seriously.

I am a college student, working furiously on my studies (computer engineering), so I don’t have a ton of time for training – which is okay because I am not striving to be a World class weight lifter – but I do want to maximize the time that I do spend lifting because I still have goals I want to achieve.

I have read the training guides, watched the videos, read the forums for beginners and generally immersed myself with the concept of perfect reps, diet overhauls, and moving large weights in difficult directions (all of which I am willing to do) But I still have a few questions:

First my goal. I want to be able to squat double my weight (I weigh 155). So naturally I need to know HOW to squat. I mean, how do I do it correctly. I can stand there and squat down and stand up with weight on my shoulders, but what are the finer details of actually doing the rep? I did read perfect rep, so I’m not talking about that, I mean form correct form in this work-out. A detailed explanation or a link to one would be great, I did try searching but didn’t see anything right away.

Second, How often should I go (or how long should I rest between gym visits)? I think I read on here that your Central Nervous system can still be recharging even if your muscles are feeling better. What are some guidelines in this area?

Finally, I think my max is about 165 on squat (unless I’m doing it very wrong), in which case my 60% starting weight is going to be like 100lbs. How can I still feel like a man in the gym squatting that?!?

Yes, you are dealing with a scrawny computer nerd who needs to get some muscle on those twig legs of his. I do thank you for any help you can provide, and I hope I can be a good addition to the T-Nation.

height 5’11’’
weight 155 lbs.

Check out the squat rx series ?http://www.youtube.com/user/johnnymnemonic2.?

As recovery periods are concerned, it depends on how your programming is set up. I myself have a major compound movement per session and can usually be ready to go with just one day off in between.

Find a program, there are plenty of recommendations all around the forums, 5/3/1, starting strength, 5x5 are some of the immediate ones i’m familiar with.

Thank you for the advice, that video series you recommended is over 3 hours of information, that’s pretty much exactly what I needed, thank you.

I will continue to look into the programs you mentioned.

Wish me luck and thanks again.