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New to Lifting, Strength Pretty Sporadic

I just recently started lifting the past month. Put together a small home gym I’m pretty happy with so far consisting of only a couple barbells, a squat rack, bench, and plates. There’s not a lot of fancy programs I can do with this equipment but whatever. I’ve been doing Starting Strength, but some days I just don’t have the strength of the previous workout so I feel like I’m regressing or not progressing at all.

I’m 6’0" about 207lbs. My lifts are Bench 335, Deadlift 525, Squat 425, OHP 205, and I don’t know how to power clean very well and since I workout by myself in my garage, I’ve pretty much abandoned it so I don’t hurt myself. I get plenty of rest and food, sometimes more. I drink about a gallon of milk a day, eat a tub of cottage cheese a day, and have a couple huge meals consisting mainly of meat. I’ve worked in hard labor jobs my whole life so I feel like recovery is adequate.

Why am I on some days able to hits at the sets and reps of a weight on some days and not on other days? I can post form videos if maybe that is the issue.

Very impressive lifts for someone that just started lifting in the past month. Must have been some very hard labor jobs to get you that strong.

I suspect that your strength might just be a little north of benefitting from a blunt-force approach like Starting Strength; that doesn’t mean you need a fancy routine with fancy equipment, but you might benefit from training in a variety of rep ranges and cycling your weights/reps a little bit. You might consider Mark Rippetoe’s Texas Method or Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 programming, both of which can still be done without any frills but which…well, I feel like I’ll do a pretty poor job explaining so you can read up on them and decide for yourself.

Alright cool, I’ll look into them. Yeah I grew up on ranch and put up god only knows how much limestone fence and I started working at a steel and lumber mill when I was 16. It’ll make a man out of you pretty quick. My dad is about 6’2" and 250 and the strongest man I’ve ever seen and he’s never touched a weight in his life. Even at 52 he still does things I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen it myself.