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New to Lifting, Some Considerations to Take Into Account



As the title says, I’m new to lifting (as in, I’ve never done it!) but my boyfriend has enticed me with stories of strength, power, and self confidence, so I’m ready to give it a try. :slight_smile:

I’m 5’3", 163lbs, and a black belt in Taekwon-Do, so I have a good understanding of working hard. I also have PCOS, so my testosterone is higher than “normal” women.

The consideration I’m most concerned about is that I had Roux-En-Y gastric bypass in April 2017, which also resulted in some pretty severe complications. So, what I’m hoping you all may be able to help me with is:

-how do I eat to ensure I’m getting enough good calories to actually build muscle? My “pouch” is roughly 4-6oz in size, and I get really full, really fast on nutrient dense foods (think red meat, etc).

-I’m concerned about stressing my internal organs where they were reconnected due to my surgery; I’m terrified I might “pop” something. Is this even something I should be worried about?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you, and to sharing my journey as well!

Happy New Year!


I just wanted to let you know that we aren’t ignoring you. I personally don’t have an experience with gastric bypass surgery.

I have however had a c section and haven’t “popped” anything yet. Just start really light and see how it feels.

I have no clue aboutvthe eating. Justvthatbif you can’t eat it, drink it. Protein, smoothies etc.

Wishing good luck on your journey!


Thanks so much for replying! I figured my questions would be a little different that what’s usually asked, but it can’t hurt to put it out there!

Have a great week. :slight_smile:


If Puff were still on here she would be much more helpful.


Wow, then I wish she was! I still appreciate the reply, though.


What happened to Puff, @ChickenLittle?

Boose, welcome! I don’t have any answers, either - check with your WLS team about the protein/calories - but saw your post in the fat shaming thread and wanted to say hi.


Some members occasionally contact the Admins to have their profiles removed, often for privacy concerns or personal issues. Sometimes it’s hindsight about oversharing real world details (opinions, location, pics, etc.) that can connect their account to their offline life by searching keywords, Reverse Image search, or other methods.



Thanks for the welcome, it’s appreciated.

I can definitely check with the team that follows me to see if they have suggestions. I have no idea if they’ll be able to answer about lifting, though! Seems a lot of WLS patients go the cardio route after surgery. But I’ll try to keep you all posted on what I learn. :slight_smile:


Welcome, yes the all powerfulPuff isn’t here. However, even if she was, I’d still recommend your healthcare team or have them recommend perhaps a pt or someone who might be more educated. I love people here, but we really don’t know your current medical condition or if any complications to advise. Each of us is a different individual. With that said, I’d starwith body weight exercise to learn good form or what muscles need activated. Some tend to over recompenseate with certain muscle groups. With no lifting experience you would find those muscles pretty fast and could be painful…

All the best and good luck,



I believe there is another thread up in the nutrition section.


Retracted. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure she was reaching out to as many people as possible.


Thanks for the reply! I’m fortunate that my bf is a personal trainer, he’s got me just lifting very light stuff right now, working on proper form/where I should feel the muscles working, etc. I’m also getting some great responses elsewhere in the forums re: eating, etc. All of you guys are great, and I’m really glad I found the site.

Have a great week!


Awesomeness, glad ya are finding the support that ya need :hugs: