New to Lifting, Need Help

Hello, im 16 Nearly 17 and im 148LBS.

I wish to build a muscular body, i dont wish to get huge just a nice muscley and toned body.

Ive been working out for 6 months now and seen some progress.

People say im an ectomroph but at my age my brothers were the same now there fat, i can eat alot and not put on much fat.

Im not sure on how many calories i should eat on some forums they tell me to eat 5k.

My plan is:


Advice would be great.

Heres anouther picture of me now.


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[quote]andybonse wrote:

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Since you don’t have a weight problem, you really don’t need to count calories. Eat healthy foods. There are nutritional basics in the stickies at the beginning of this forum.

For training, make sure you are using big compound movements designed to make you strong. Squats, Deadlifts, presses and pulls. Train more frequently than you do. You are currently only hitting each body parts once a week. You can probably still do 3 whole body workouts a week. At the very least you can hit each twice a week.

Here’s a split I just ripper off Alwyn Cosgrove:

Day One:
Upper Body Horizontal Work
e.g. bench pressing and rowing
Assistance work
Biceps and Traps

Day Two:
Lower Body Quad Dominant
Bilateral and unilateral work
Abs and Calves

Day Three:
Upper Body Vertical Work
e.g. military pressing and chin ups
Assistance work
Triceps and Traps

Day Four:
Lower Body Hip Dominant
Bilateral and unilateral work
Abs and calves

Whether you are an ectomorph or not is irrelevant. Train big and eat big and you will gain muscle. If you eat big and don’t train heavy you will get fat. Train big and eat clean and you will get ripped.


Do you mean your brothers were thin like you at your current age, but are now overweight?

If that’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to you as well. Start that lifelong foundation now (believe me it is worth it) and lift weights. Stu is spot on.

My advice, listen to guys like Stu and the dude,not so much those guys who want to BS you, and of course to train.Train hard start now and do it while your young and your life isnt full of crap and bad habbits.

make your training a part of your life so that you dont even have to think about it. set goals and reach out for them.

and on a side not pay attention to your legs, sure they get covered up in pants most of the time and most of the guys that bounce way to heavy weights off their chests will tell you not to worry about them, but whether its swinging a golf club or throwing a knockout punch your legs are where your power comes from.