New to Lifting, Looking for Rapid Fat Loss Program/Advice Please

I want to start lifting to loose weight and build muscle. I don’t know where to start or point me in the right direction please.

Hi there, ehmuller. I’m always so happy to see women start lifting.

About your question. You’ll need to be more specific. How much weight to you need to loose? What have you tried so far? Do you have a history of exercise that you enjoy? What do you mean by “rapid fat loss?”

If you are not sure how much you typically eat and drink over a typical two week period, start there. Keep a log. Figure out what you’re consuming, and start looking at the things you can change. You may already have a good idea. Everyone has a different Kryptonite.

If you’re able to give more information, people here will be able to give you more meaningful advice.

There’s no one BEST program, or one BEST diet. No secret. No magic.


Something like this to get in the swing of things…

then after couple months if want to crank it up do this…

Go to the articles section on this website, read a giant portion of the training and nutrition articles on this site. And I do mean read them, read them until you’ve probably memorized a decent portion of them, take notes, which ever you wish to do.

When I started looking to loose weight and gain muscle I did a lot of reading and asking questions. One thing I found was to loose weight you have to be in a caloric deficit. Eat healthy foods and make good or better choices. I found a steady weight lifting regiment helped put me in better shape and allowed me to keep my diet on track. I did little to no cardio because I had limited time lifting was more important to reach my goal.

@khangles where’s ur priorities when dieting for body composition spiel

Can’t be fucked. Link my post if you want wherever it is

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