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New to Lifting. DOMS in Arm, Injury?


Hi everyone, this is my first post and it’s a possible injury one :tired_face: i have started lifting weights at 25 year old havent been to a gym before then so im very new. Have been experienceing doms with each new muscle group trained as expected lol… But 2 days ago i was doing assisted underhanded​ pull ups only 4 sets of 8 reps to failure. Woke up next day with severe doms and t rex arms lol. The pain in my right arm is half as bad as my left arm but my left arm has a very angry redness on the inside of my elbow where my arm bends… Is this normal? My arm is in agony. Cheers for any help


Might be a muscle belly tear in the brachialis and it may get black & blue on you. Take it easy and report back.


If this was your first session in the gym, I can tell you from experience that training to failure right out the gate is going to give you severe muscle soreness. Understand that when you train to failure you’re recruiting and tearing down the maximum amount of muscle you have in that group, and your biceps muscles are much smaller than the ones in your back. Given the nature of this workout you’re contracting both but you’re going to fill the soreness in your biceps more as they are the smaller muscle group and the underhand grip puts more focus on them. I wouldn’t say it is an injury just yet. Give those muscle groups 3-4 days to recover. Staying hydrated will help with the recovery and there are several legal supplements out there that can help speed up recovery time.


Agree with above, unless there is bruising (purple/black) it is unlikely to be a muscle tear. I can remember training with a friend new to lifting when I was young, it was his first ever workout but he was so keen he just wanted to do more and more. He was so sore the following day he couldn’t bend or straighten his arms they were just locked half bent, he drove to work with his shirt undone and his tie around his neck and asked me to finish dressing him when he got to work. I laughed so hard I nearly shat !! Give yourself a few days to recover and maybe dont go so hard next time, give your body a few workouts to get used to it before you start going to failure on every set !!


Cheers for all replys… It wasnt my first day in gym it was about third week (probably still too soon to go to failure lol) i dont mind the soreness it hurts bad but manageable, its just the redness that worries me in the crook of my arm looks very angry and still hasn’t subsided :thinking:. Also what are these legal sups you speak of could do with some. Cheers


acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, protein, water


BCAA’s and creatine can also help with recovery. Sleep is an underrated one too. If the redness doesn’t subside along with the soreness then you might have another issue to deal with.


Soreness is still as bad altho just got back from the gym now and tried a gentle chest workout, as soon as i began lifting the pain disappeared and was able to lift my usual weight on the bench pain free… Now i know the bench doesnt really work the bicep (if at all) but im hoping the fact it was a pain free work out means it is just serious doms haha… Also currently loading on creatine atm 20g a day over 4 doses and tried naproxen didnt do anything lol… Cheers for all the help hopefully tommorow il wake up and the gym tonight will have worked wonders :thinking: ahwell if not leg day tommorow anyway so no worries haha


No need to load on creatine unless you just like wasting money. 5g a day is fine.


Really? I didn’t know that i was told 7 days at 5g 4 times a day then 5g a day after for maintenance… Theres so much conflicting info on the web haha spend half my time reading…


The old loading of creatine as something a lot of us were told and did back in the 1990’s when it was new, we all basically got sucked in. My understanding is that the more recent advice is not to load but just to maintain on 5g a day. I am sure others will jump in here if they think differently ??