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New to Ketosis. Thoughts? Ideas?

Well, new to monitoring my keytone levels. Right now I’m at moderate. (Is higher better?) Last two weeks have been < 90 grams carbs/day. Last 2 days have been zero. Well to be more accurate about 39.5 grams because of The milk and powered in my protein shake (once a day).

I’m 39. Not diabetic and currently in my 4th week on 400 mg test c. 3:3:1 training split. No cardio and roughly 700 cal def.

Meal one 3 whole eggs and 1/3 cup egg white scrambled. Plain w a tad of siracha.
Meal two and three. 7 oz lean sirloin (air fried)
Meal four 8 oz chicken breast (baked) with a ton of Romain, some carrots and tomatoes.
Final meal 10 oz 2% milk 2 scoops ON protein with a serving of powdered organic peanut butter.

Supps : multi vitamin, elderberry w zinc, omegas and a glucosamine blend for joint support.

I have an iron will and can literally eat just the food mentioned forever really. (Ate nothing but brown rice asparagus and ground turkey for every meal minus shakes for years).

Curious on the sustainability of this and long term effects if any. I do feel tired most of the time but I’m burning fat like a mother. Belly is gone in 10 days. I mentally force intensity in the gym and workouts have yet to be affected but we will see here in an hour since basically no carbs over last 48.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help.

You really need to do some of the legwork yourself. The keto diet has been about for decades and plenty has been written about it. Pick a plan and adapt it to your circumstances. I will give you a starter for 10 - Ketogains. Check out their free FAQ. Literally everything you need to know. There, I’ve done it - the legwork, despite what I just said! :innocent:

See his other thread on the relationship between volume/frequency/intensity, otherwise known as “how often can I curl bro?”. He’s not good at doing the legwork himself.

My other post wasn’t about any of that. My question was simply how often someone who is on an AAS could train a muscle. That’s what you gentlemen turned the post into.


I’ve come here for advice not as a natural… info on keto and all of that doesn’t go into detail about someone running a said amount of a substance. I’ve come to this FORUM, to ask questions. You know, like what a forum is used for.

I appreciate your time in responding, and I’ll look into the info you gave me. But in all fairness. I seriously believe you could have answered my question a far less words than basically acting like youre my teacher and I didn’t do my homework.

The thing about forums is they have a community. Your interactions with members of the community haven’t been friendly. You’ve lashed out immediately. Objectively, the initial replies that you received were helpful despite you subjectively disagreeing with that but adding clarifying information rather than clawing at others might have given you even more in-depth replies. So you are running test, it doesn’t magically change what ketosis is.

This sounds way too low in fat.


I asked how often I could train my biceps being that I am on an AAS. That’s it. YOU gentlemen decided to come into the thread talking about different theories and their ability to break down muscle fibers and blah blah fucking blah. As astounded as I am by your collective knowledge. I can’t seem to comprehend why some people have the need to overtly complicate a question just to show the whole world how smart they are, and then put me on blast for calling you guys out on it.

Have a problem with my posts. Fee free to stop following me around telling me.

And the answer was (to summarise a well thought-out reply) “it depends on how you train your biceps”. You are familiar with volume, frequency and intensity? Those aren’t the only variables to tweak. And that’s what the answer was telling you.

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Indeed. And just to repeat: the answer is “that depends on other things like the volume and intensity you train at”. The idea that someone who claims to be lifting for 29 years can’t wrap their head around that is genuinely staggering and the reason most people are likely to assume you’re a troll. I have a 4 year old who realises that if he does a lot of exercise one day, he will be tired the next, this is not rocket surgery.

OP: “Hey guys, I don’t know the way to get home”
The Forum: “Can you at least tell us where you are or where you live?”
OP: “No, fuck you guys, trying to complicate this so much. Why can’t you answer my question, it’s a simple question. I’m on roids you know”


Have you considered the possibility that perhaps you jumped to conclusions on this? Perhaps the posters that you think were trying to show off knowledge, actually had knowledge, but understand there needs to be nuance to give you any sort of answer that isn’t just a wild ass guess.

Using big words and explaining concepts isn’t just for showing off.

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Thank you for the rational response. I had no issues with other posts about gear and sides. Not until I asked for tips with lifting did this go sideways.

Was Just curious if I can stay next to zero carbs until my bfp is where I want it, and if there are any other considerations to take into account because of the physiological changes that a heightened level of testosterone Might make. What’s stupid is that it got brought here.

When it came to my old ways of eating I k ow that’s extremely low fat but I compensated with peanut butter and nuts in the shakes I took.

OP “hey guyS can you tell me how to get home?”

FORUM “ Well the word home derives from… and a home constitutes four walls… the average home in America costs… the median income being… a 620 score is required but if you don’t want PMI, the current average speed of a human is… and walking at a rate of …”.

It’s a general question. Yet you brought that here so yay. Feel good about yourself? Telling the FNG how wrong and stupid he is?

If someone asked me. “How often can I train a muscle as a natural guy?”

I’d say “Twice a week” as the short answer and talk about splits in the long. In no way would I be like “well it depends on the amount of volume you’re doing on a particular day, and what’s your intensity like. What movements are you doing? What weights? What’s your 1RM… you know why? Because the person didn’t ask about that.

Instead of using a question as an opportunity to show how much you know. How about answering the question in as concise manner.

Now to make you happy and go beyond and explain myself about another post that YOU brought here. My bicep workout consists of 4 movements. Which? I mix it up. It consists of 2 different set structures. 4x10 and 6x15. Time under tension is key and weight allowing close to failed at said rep set is used. TUT is kept at a pace of 5 seconds up. Peak contract… 5 seconds down. Rest period being 1.5-2x set time. Intensity is max. Volume is fml.

Came here to meet some like minded guys. Maybe share some of my experiences and did so until posting ABOUT working out. The half dozen or so posts I started didn’t have this kind of bad mouth “I’m right you’re wrong” mentality. Not to mention I just ignored that post cause I was over the needless drama. Troll on bud. Troll on.

Honestly mate it seems as if you are projecting or something.

I’m confused as your reply to me reads as if it landed as intended and immediately thereafter you continue to be conflict-prone towards @dagill2.

If you want to find the kind of discussion you state that you want then being respectful towards people already in the community is a better option than continuing to act in the manner in which you are currently acting. You’ll alienate yourself from everyone.

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You are showing off so much ignorance in a single post I’m actually questioning whether you are for real.

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Most of the other lazy, combative, ignorant fuckwits have either left or been banned, sorry. You’ll likely join their ranks soon.

You’ve jumped down the throats of people who have spent their time trying to help you, because they were too helpful. If you have seriously been training for 29 years, then it is a miracle that you’ve existed this long while maintaining such a childish, bratty mindset.



There you go.

This would be useful information to put in the “can I do loads of curls” thread. If you haven’t pissed everyone off too much, you’ll probably get some smart, helpful answers

Seriously? So because you are completely ignorant on a topic and still willing to give answers as if you are not you expect others to do the same?

The answer is absolutely not “twice a week”. As people keep trying to tell you, the answer is IT. DEPENDS.


I fear that ship has long sailed for most, but a few people here seem to be very forgiving and have an immense tolerance for assholes.


Guilty as charged. But, not unless they put some effort toward improving their behaviour.


I’m one of those people…not really. This guy can suck a wet fart from a dead dogs arse.