New to KC, Searching for Good Doc

Obviously I’m new here, long time lurker/reader. I read alot of KSmans posting over trt, very informative. I’m not only new here, but recently moved to the KC area, and wish to find a good hrt doctor in the area. Been on trt for over a year and a half now. Couldn’t find a pm function if one exists. So KSman, or anyone else, if you know a savy hrt doc in the KC area, please help me out.

I have one but they are private if you are interested. ie, its a clinic and dont take insurance.

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I would prefer to use my insurance, but I’m open to suggestions, It may turn out to be my best option.

Sometimes an endo is good if they focus on trt. Or a urologist who emphasizes on reproduction. You need to call their offices and ask questions to get an idea if they have a good amount of HRT patients.

TRT savvy doctors usually don’t take insurance, so there’s your problem right there. You need to rethink your plans. There’s little league and then there’s the major league.

We all would prefer to use our insurance, but that would mean the suffering would continue.

That’s not acceptable to me.

Thank you for the replies, much appreciated.