New to Hormone Therapy. How to Reduce LH?

I’m on a weekly injection of Testosterone Cypionate of 0.3 and these are jusrt 1 of the result I notioned on my portal, how do I lower my (LH)

07/10/2019 21.5 mU/mL
[2.0-9.0 mU/mL] High Normal range Female Follicular: 0.0-38.0 mU/mL Luteal:0.0-25.0 mU/mL Midcycle: 50.0-150.0 mU/mL Menopausal: >21.0 mU/mL

Telling you inject 0.3 of Test per week doesn’t really tell us anything, I we need to know the mgs, the strength of testosterone not volume of medicine.

0.3ml from a 200mg vial would be 60mg of Test, or if from a 100mg vial 30mg neither of which is enough. I doubt based off you lab measurements that it’s either.

You need not worry about lowering your LH, TRT will do that for you sending it to almost zero.

Is this for a male or female?


Testosterone CYP 200mg/ml
Inject 0.3 ml

When did you take this LH test? How many weeks on trt when you took?

If your lh is not low while in trt you must further investigate.

I would suggest a testicular ultrasound and a pituitary MRI.

I had Testicular Cancer surgery to remove about 3 weeks now,

Follow up man with the surgeon or specialist. And research . Did you have testes removed?

This dosage is a very low, 60mg weekly is not anywhere close to standard dosing. Standard dosing for men is closer to 100-140mg. You really do not have enough labs to undertake TRT, you need quite a bit more to determine as good protocol, once weekly injections isn’t good for everyone especially if SHBG is low.

Your doctor is incompetent.

:triumph: What should I do next

You can help educate your doctor which may or may not provide results or you can start Googling anti-aging or sports medicine clinics in your area and use the reviews to guide your decision on where to go.

I’ll send all my test results

Chemo? Radiation? What else is going on?

Thank you

Nothing, just removal

Both? One? Part of one?

Both left when I was a teenager, long short, but potentially could have become cancers, so I decided to move it… Right one almost 40 years later, Cancer

So, your LH is irrelevant, and medically speaking they kind of HAVE to give you some form of replacement therapy. You cannot make your own test or E2 without testes. and they are not giving you a big enough dose. LH is really pointless to measure in your case.

So I’ll speak to my doctor, this is just my 3rd week of shots, but should have known I need a larger dose, a lot of what I read and my body changes make some much sense to me now, I don’t have a perfect diet, but I’m in the gym enough to not be carrying around this belly and man boobs, frustrating

I just sent my doctor an email this morning, can’t wait for his response.