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New to HCG, .05ml to Inject?

Sorry if this is obvious.

If my HCG is 5000iu per ml then am I correct in thinking that 500iu is 0.1ml and 250iu is 0.05ml?

I know it’s simple maths and I’m sure it’s correct but don’t want to fuck up the first time I take it just in case.

0.05ml is going to be tricky to inject if so…it’s such a small amount in the syringe.

That is correct.

Shouldn’t be tricky at all. Insulin syringes are made for this exact purpose. Five ticks on the barrel is .05ml. Should be labeled every five units as well.

Cheers iron_yuppie.

Thought I’d better double check beforehand!

Should be fine to use with some 0.5ml insulin syringes. If they are U100 then “5 units” on there will be 0.05ml