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New to Gym & OHP/Bench Imbalance

Hey guys! I’m a 15 year old beginner weightlifter and since the gyms shut down, I’ve been out of the gym for 3 months. I noticed that I have some kind of arm i.balnce on OHP and possibly bench press. Now, I’ve trained with coaches at an athlete gym so they helped me with form and stuff. So ever since I took a break from it It seems i have an imbalance that I’ll like to address now since I have lots of time. I linked a video below and I’m actually solid with dumbells but on the bar (or broom lol) I kinda have this weird arm motion and kinda uneven pull thing happening. Any advice that I can do to fix it and what I can do right now would be appreciated. Thanks!

I couldn’t get the videos to load for myself but I was able to see the beginning screenshot of both the “barbell” and dumbbell presses.

Your DB press doesn’t look “even” either - your hands seem to be at the same height, or at least pretty close, but your elbows aren’t pointing in the same direction.

Good news: I don’t think this really matters. I’ve been teaching my brothers (ages 11 & 13) how to lift and their bench and press looked very uneven and unsturdy at first. It’s not perfect, but over time, it’s improved. I could be wrong, let’s see what other people have to say, but I really think that this is not much of a concern and will probably sort itself out once you become more comfortable and familiar with the movements.

Good for you for getting started. Stick with it! I started around the same age, and am now 20 wishing I’d just been consistent for the past 5 years. Whatever you do, just consistently do something. There’s lots of smart people on here, stick around, start a training log, learn from others.

https://imgur.com/a/XN3D73nh it didnt work, how about now? And yes I am pretty new at this and I’ve only had like 3 months of experience with coaches So I have alot to learn lol. Theres a link up top and I’m not sure if I have some sort of imbalance but I notice the bar is slightly uneven and shifts to the right.

I’m not sure if this is newb syndrome or if it’s something that’s very serious. But I want you thoughts, also thanks for responding my man!

I think it works I just couldn’t get it to load. My Wifi is slow.

You’re good man. Keep at it for 12 weeks and see if you even still notice it.

No problem. It’s cool to see young guys get into it, especially if they’re willing to be taught by others. I learn something new every day.

Sweet, glad I had your take on it! I’ll see what others say and if I need to do something else. But yea I went to a sports performance gym a few months back. I’m a soccer player/sprinter btw, so what we did there was weightlifting and I just feel in love with it.

I wish I wasn’t off to a bad start OHP and bench though

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, I think it’s mostly due to the fact that you are new to lifting so your coordination is not 100%. Just try your best to move both arms evenly and hopefully it will sort itself out. It’s not unusual to have imbalances between the left and right side, most people use one arm much more than the other so it will be a bit stronger.

I have my kids working out a little bit since we got stuck at home due to COVID. My 9 year old son has a tendency to flare his left elbow too much when doing pushups, not sure why he does that but I’m always telling him to keep his elbow down. It takes a while to get good at anything, as long as it doesn’t hurt then it shouldn’t be an issue for now.

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That sounds pretty good. Like you said I’ll try an even them out and obviously hit the gym. And if anything important comes to my attention in this thread I’ll address as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Oh yeah, I was seeing if you guys can also give me some pointers on the four lifts, bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press. Like form and stuff so that I can use it for a reference

Mark Bell has some youtube videos with Ed Coan on how to squat and deadlift, I recommend watching those. I can’t think of a good one for bench press off the top of my head, just look around on Youtube. I don’t really do any OHP these days, just dumbbells lately and none for a while since I compete in powerlifting and I don’t find it does much for my bench, so I’m not really much of an expert on OHP.

Other than that you could just post videos of your work sets on whatever lift for a form check.

That sounds good! My program as a main lift a different day of the week so when I get back in the gym I’ll post a check on each lift


I’m the same after 10 years of lifting, my bench and ohp are always wonky, if I film myself moving into a double bi pose you can see both sides move differently.

I’ve never figured it out but it hasn’t stopped me building size and getting stronger, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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There’s absolutely zero imbalance. You’re fine. Keep training with a good plan, get back to working with your coaches when you can, and you’ll be all set.

I generally like starting younger dudes with bodyweight stuff (push-ups, chin-ups, etc.), but it’s not a dealbreaker especially if you’re following a plan from decent coaches.

For form tips on the other lifts, like other-Chris said, you can put up a form check video if there’s something specific you’re asking about. Otherwise, there are tons of articles to check out: https://www.t-nation.com/all-articles
Use the Tag system to find the exercise you’re looking for and you’ll get more-than-enough info.

Thanks, man. Your right I probably don’t and its tthe untrained effective that’s making me look like it. I’m going to be following Chad Wesley’s Juggernaut program cause It looks interesting plus people say I good. Appreciate it

Is it ok for a beginner to follow the Juggernaut Program by Chad Wesley?

Im a beginner, I really like how you change the rep ranges each month and I’m not a fan of 5x5 programs like Stronglifts or Starting Strenght

no Juggernaut not good for total newb should roughly be able to bench 135 and squat 225 for 10 reps each, 10ish clean pullups etc. -Long way away form needing a percentage based template.

Run through foundation building programs like this below,

A couple months(no more) of Starting Stength or similar will do you good also, as would 6-8 weeks of bro-split /‘beach gunz’ type stuff just to use a variety of movements and machines in the gym and find your limits going to failure etc

I don’t really know enough about the Juggernaut Program to give any feedback. My friends do the AI programming and like it.

If the program is like what @RampantBadger said, I’d opt for something much more simpler. My go to is 5/3/1 BBB for beginners. A lot of people don’t like the 5x10 stuff for beginners, but at 50% on your already entry-level numbers, you’re just getting more time with the movements and getting used to heavier weight at the 5/3/1 sets.

I dont think either of these programs are effective without the proper equipment. If you don’t have a proper weight set, just do air squats and pushups, and any other bodyweight work you can.

TL:DR the inverted juggernaut method covered in the juggernaut method 2.0 is excellent

I’m going to go ahead and disagree, I think the juggernaut method, specifically the inverted juggernaut method (covered in the book) is an excellent way to learn the lifts.

With the inverted model, you start off with lots and lots of volume (10 sets per session!) with low reps per set which is an excellent way to master the skill of squatting, benching, deadlifting and overhead pressing. Additionally, the book has templates that allow you to include lots of athletic activities (sprinting, jumping, throwing, agility) that I think is excellent for developing athletes such as yourself. These activities are not accounted for in SL5x5 or SS. Finally, the progression model in juggernaut will allow you to progress at a rate more suited to beginner lifters than a comparable program like 531.

Sure, you might not need percentage-based work to progress with your training age, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. If the program motivates you, and is well written, I say go ahead and do it.

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Thanks for pointing out that the Juggernaut program isn’t the best program! what else do you guys recommend?