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New to Getting in Shape

I’ve never had a problem staying in shape. In high school I played football and had a very fast metabolism. After high school, I joined the Army National Guard do to recent events in our history. I just felt I had to help my country. After basic training, I was def. in the best shape of my life. I never had a problem keeping the weight off. I say that but I never have a 6 pack, I’ve just been skinny.

I decided to volunteer with a Guard Unit out of Florida to go to Iraq with. Because I was leaving, I felt I needed to eat everything because I knew it would be more than a year until I had my favorites again. Wow that was a big mistake. In over 7 months I jumped from 180 to 209. Which is what I weighed in at when we first got in Country in November.

Wow I was embarased with myself. I started lifting with one of my NCOs on Jan 12, 2009. Which is good because he is in really good shape and he pushes me to do my best. For the last two months Ive been stacking BSN products (please don’t rip me for that, i’ve read the forums about it). But i’ve really lost 23 LBS and have gotten in better shape. I still have 6 months left here and want to look really good when I go home.

But now I want to try a different stack. I have hit a brick wall to wear I cant lose fat anymore. I still have some fat on me. Any ideas, take a look at my pics and let me know please.

Thanks for everyones help and I look forward to posting a lot for ideas. I really want to get in shape. The picture wearing camo was taking on Jan 12. The picture with black shorts was taking on March 11th (two month work out plan)

Sorry it didnt post both pictures. This is the before the one up top is after two months.

What are you eating? Nutrition is the absolute most important thing in a weight loss program.

If you’re serious, you eat 6 meals a day. Each with protein (lean beef, chicken, fish, protein shake etc.) and fat (cott cheese, olive oil, cheese, etc.) and get all your carbs from vegetables (brocc, squash, spinach, etc.).

to go from fairly lean to very lean, every calorie counts. More than one cheat meal a week can really set you back.

You’re pretty ambiguous about your workout. Full body is the way to go. If you’re not squating and deadlifting you’re missing a huge oppurtunity to burn a boat load of fat.

I really dont have the opp. to eat six meals a day do to the fact that im in Iraq. Im kind of am shortened to three meals a day. The opp to eat over here just isnt that open. I really need a meal plan that is compatible to this type of enviroment. Im done with the immediate shock of weight loss now I want to start putting on muscle. As you can see in the pics I was really big and it was not a pretty thing. I take two protien shakes a day. Should I up it to three? What is a good suggestion for breakfast, because that is the only meal where I can really be picky as far as they offer just about everything? Thanks for the post and look forward to a response.

protein shakes count as a meal. Take them with nuts and/or fruit. 2 is fine if you have 3 other complete meals.

breakfast is easy… Egg omelets. Use egg whites only if that’s easy enough. If you’re not too worried about fat loss a this point bacon and sausage are a good source of protein for bulking up.

Keep kicking ass over there, in the gym and out.

Thanks for the advice. Its very good advice. Ive never really counted the shakes as a meal but if you add up the protien and calories throughtout the day and include them in their then it def adds up. I do eat bacon now, I was really afraid of it at first do to the fat loss situation I was in. But now Im just trying to build muscle. I really want to know what My BF% is. Its hard to find somewhere here to figure it out. Once again, thanks for the advice and I hope you will follow my progress over the next 6 months and continue to give me advice. Thanks.