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New to Gear, First Cycle Test E/ EQ

Going to be starting My very First cycle
750mg Test E per week
600mg of EQ per week.
20mg of nolvadex ED
Metformin: 1,000mg ED
Cycle length: 12 weeks

Age: 26
Height: 5’7
Body weight: 185
BF: 13-15 %
Years training: 12 +

The leanest i have ever been was when i was 166lbs at about 6% bodyfat. im looking to put on some quality mass while limiting fat gain. What do you guys think??

Looks like you be will be needing new clothes , thats a pretty strong first cycle, have strength goals to go along with? Best time of year to bulk weather is cooler can cover up more. Dont tell people, once you are labeled a juicer , it never gos away. If you have to rough up somebody its riod rage, and their is rumors that it shrinks dick for stupid girls. Eq gives ravenous hunger so always have. Hard boiled eggs, pre cooked chicken breast around you know nutritional snacks . If this is first cycle and products legit you will blow up . I dont know meteformin is , i though it was diebetic drug?

Seems rather ambitious and possibly a bit misinformed in my worthless opinion. A few things to consider:

  1. Test is fine but 500mg/week should be sufficient.
  2. It’s generally recommended to run only test the first cycle, but EQ is generally considered mild.
  3. EQ should be ran for 16+ weeks to see the best effects.
  4. With that much test and EQ, you should keep a close eye on RBC and hematocrit.
  5. Nolvadex is a SERM, not an AI. You are just stopping E2 from binding to your titties, not stopping the creation of E2. You need anastrozole (adex) or exemastane (asin). 1mg 2x a week or 25mg 2x a week roughly.
  6. You don’t have any PCT listed. Can you post your PCT too?


Not really concerned with strength goals at the moment. strength will be a byproduct of my training but not my reasoning behind it. I have been training as a powerlifter for as along as I can remember and honestly starting to get bored with it. With this new routine (typical Body building split) it has added the excitement back in training. Metformin is a diabetic drug but its main purpose in my cycle is to better increase insulin sensitivity.


Pct will be as follows
Week 1-4:
1mg of Armidex
30mg of nolva
So you are saying 800mg of test a week is to much? and i Should also run Armidex during my cycle as well?

I would run no more then 500mg test per week for 10-12 weeks. Drop the Eq and see how you respond to test. 500mg is more than enough to make good gains if your diet and training are good. Run amiridex through out the cycle. Usually .25-.5 mg eod is good. But everybody responds different. Save the nolvadex for pct 20 mg Ed for 6 weeks. I would taper the amiridex down through the pct. Get blood work done before you start, and again 4-6 weeks after pct.

nice cycle, please post pictures of before and after, i would like to see the effects of EQ, thinking about running it for my next cycle after i finish this tren cycle.

500 mg test is a beginners cycle with low sides if you control AI the gains are good but not as great as 800+ test, if you have training experience which i can see you do… i recommend working up the dose 500 - 600 - 700 - 800 (4th week) then cruising 800 until end of cycle and see how your body takes it if anything lower dose to your liking.

unless you are running a 250 test dose you will have sides with 400mg 500mg 600mg doesnt matter, this is just what u have to put up with to make gains, how bad do you want it? Everyone here is going to say 800mg is high but i bet you they havent tried it, everyones body is different mate, i have run 1g test with 600+ tren and had no sides while my friends ran 300mg ttest and 350mg tren and had sides… see what i mean? thats why its best to just taper up the dose in beginning and see how much you can handle.

I’d personally say drop the test to 500 and keep the rest. I don’t see a point in going over 500mg of any drug any more except EQ. I just see no added benefit personally. The only drug that seems to just get better the more and longer you use it however is EQ. Plus it is very mild and very manageable. I know people using a gram plus for a year straight with little issue. I’d suggest running this atleast 15 weeks. This is a lofty cycle for first time so pay attention to sides.


Thank you for the reply!! I just want to make this first cycle the best cycle so i dont want to short change myself by not using enough but at the same time i dont want to use to little. Building the dose up over time may be my best bet.


So would anything over 500mg of test be wasting ?

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I won’t say this as an absolute as obviously there are going to be 1000 others who would quickly disagree. But, in my opinion the pro vs cons of anything over 500 FOR ME SPECIFICALLY is not worth it. I see no increased strength or muscle size that is directly linked to just more test. I have tried from 250mg to 2000mg and anything over 500 just really drove sides up more than it drove gains up.

I’d rather see 350test, 350 tren, and 300mast before I see 1000mg of test. Same mgs of gear but I promise you will look better, feel better, and be stronger on the 350/350/300.

I’m sure going from 500-1000 something in there happens and I don’t think the gear is a “waste” BUT, it is not worth it in my opinion. I’d rather introduce multiple compounds that work together than heavy dosing 1 or 2.

Now with that you will literally find multiple men and women who say the opposite.


Ha thank you internet. i appreciate your advice Reed.

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I am doing same on trt ive trained for Olympic lifting, powerlifting and strongman since i was 14, just want to be big know, so i do i lot more volume etc. I know where you’re coming from.

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This guy Reed knows exactly what he’s talking about! I’ve tried going from 500 to 1,000 of Test & no difference in power, strength or gains remained the same weight with a great diet (5 to 6 meals) a day for one month, I did (1,000 mg of test, deca & tren) the only thing difference was sides… take your time & do exactly what reed stated keep a nice binding blend in the 300 range & you will see tremendous gains… keep it safe & take your time… hey Reed also I just started a cycle of Test, Tren & mast & I have to say it’s the best one thus far… one of the greatest compounds

@dc_cox im just curious as to what the extra 500mg of test did. Surely there had to be some change with the added 500mg other then just negative side effects?

I noticed no increase in strength, no increase in muscle mass, only higher BP, Estro related issue such as prostate swelling, bloated ankles, and moon face. I saw nothing worth trying to continue it. Like I said if I want to add an extra 500mg of gear it is going to be from a combination of gear rather than just test. I’m sure it did something positive but for me personally I didn’t see enough of it to continue on with it. Once I have to start adding a ton of AI, BP meds, Blood thiners, and the such it isn’t worth it. 1000mg of test is the absolute upper limit for me and even then I’d much prefer 500mg because I can use other drugs to feel even better at half the dose, with half the sides, and not have to take a ton of other drugs to help combat the negative sides.


THIS IS TOO MUCH for a first cycle. Run just the test 250mg every 4th or 5th day. IMO run it longer than 12 weeks, 8 weeks is when the good stuff starts to happen enjoy it a little longer.

Also dont use Arimidex in PCT.

@BOTSLAYER 250mg (to my understanding) is around TRT dosage not nearly enough to what my goals are.

250mg isnt TRT. ~100mg/week is. 250mg is a cycle.