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New to Front Loading

I am thinking of starting a new cycle and am having trouble finding D-bol so Im going to front load with Test-E. This will be my first time front loading. Here is what I am thinking.

Test-E 750 1-12 EW (Front load @ 1500 first week)
EQ 400 1-10 EW
Anastrozole .5 1-12 EOD
Nolva 40/40/20/20 PCT

Thoughts on this stack?

Looks good.

Pin the test twice a week. Try and get some oral DBol as it would be a nice kick at the start and end of the cycle.

Otherwise, nice and simple.

Its nice to see a new poster propose a cycle that’s not absolutely retarded for a change.


You might want to front load the eq as well. It does have a pretty long half life so it takes a while to kick in.

How much do I front load of each? Do I just do this once or how many times before I drop back to the normal weekly dose?

Just once. Literally the exact same as a normal cycle except twice the amount for the first week. Some folks even prefer to do a lot more the first dose (ex. a 5oo mg/week test e: 750/500/250/250/etc). But you’ve got it right. I always do my frontloading as just 1000mg split into two shots.

As for the EQ, I’m not too sure. I’d say frontload as well, but i’ve never ran it where i frontloaded before

Instead of frontloading all on day one, can you break it up into 4 days on the first week. Will it still work effectively?