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I have been posting my workouts on 100% Raw Powerlifting site, but I am getting away from that type of workout wasn’t able to put ehough into it and was getting hurt, little nagging injuries.

So…I am working on a Waterbury 10x3 for Fat loss modification…will give it a month with strict diet.

First Workout 8/27/08 Tri/Bi/Ab/Cardio
10 sets of 3
Close Grip Bench-135x15/315x3x10
V Pull Down-115x3x10
Reverse EZ Bar PD-72.5x3x10

Inc DB Curls-50x3x10
EZ Bar Cable Curls-70x3x10

bonus work-Not part of routine)
Calf Ext-290x25x3 350x15x3

Ball AB Crunches 5 x 25

3min @ 3.0
1.5m @ 0incline/3.0 speed
0.5s @ 3.5incline/4.0 speed

10m bike @ 8level


42g Protein…no carbs,…no sugar.

Welcome, look forward to reading your log…

Welcome to the board nj. I really like the Waterbury stuff especially for fat loss. I read through your initial post and the only comment I would have is concerning the post workout nutrition. I know that you are looking to drop some weight but make sure that you are getting some carbs post-workout. Waterbury and Berardi both have a lot of great stuff on macro nutrient timing, make sure to check it out.