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Hi all! Heavythrower suggested a visit to this forum and I followed through on the suggestion. I am partial to PLing, WLing and feats of strength. I am 49 going on 50 and have been training for quite awhile. Happy Holidays to all!


Hi Quarter Tonner,

Happy Holidays to you too. You've tons of experience so feel free to share. Great to have you here. Make yourself comfortable and have a few beers.:slight_smile:


Sup QT (not meant as cutie)!

Did you ever think about using a log in name as Mr. Back? After your watcha think thread I think others would agree. Good stuff on the DL pick. I was curius about your education. I think I remember you saying you have a bach. and a mast. degree and you're a strenght coach. What are the degree's in? Just interested because....I am interested in Kinesiology.


K_D, Thanks for your comments. I have a B.A in Physical Education and an M.S. in the same with an Athletic Training specialization. Follow your interest in Kinesiology to wherever it leads you....


Thanks for the welcome!


Yes! Another Powerlifter!

Do you compete? If so which federation?



I compete mainly in the USAPL, but I have competed in USPF, AAU, NASA and APF meets in the past, as well. You?


Haha I'm relatively new to powerlifting as strength training for rugby used to be my interest. My first meet (coming soon) will be unequipped Welsh Championships (IPF).


train hard and safe for your meet!!


Cheers mate, I will!