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New to forum!

Hey there all. I’ve been reading on the forums for a while now, just decided to join the forum. I’ve been lifting for about 2 years now, the first year cutting and the second year has all in all been a bulking year. Looking foward to getting to know everyone! Peace.

Welcome bro.

Welcome Alan,you are in a good place to get info.Just one word of advise so you can avoid getting flamed,most questions that you ask have already had a post at one time or another,so try and use the search engine before you ask…later Bro

Glad to see you join. This site is an absolute goldmine of info. Like Dave said though most of what you will think up can be answered with the search engine. This isn’t to say that nobody will help you out here, just that people often post…well dumb shit, that could easily be aswered with a little effort. Take care.

Welcome Alan, you’ll get tons of good info on training, nutrition and other advice. the first advice anyone more than likely will give you is to USE THE SEARCH ENGINE. Good luck with your goals.

Welcome, Alan!