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Whats up guys Im new to this forum I was a member a while back used to love P-22 and AR goin at it lol It seems that there is more advice bein givin to punks who arent ready for gear yet! WTF? Since when do we advise guys who have 15%Bf and weight under 200 to use!? This just pisses me off!

Honestly, it seems there has been more and more kids wanting the quick way out. I would rather educate them and try to give them useful knowledge rather than saying no and them doing it anyway. Although I do share your frustration.


While i share and understand the frustration i think it is just the way of the world now, everything must come quickly. We are as guilty as them in some respects with our ‘dbol kickstarts’ and ‘frontloading’ when you think about it, hell im just as guilty as anyone.

As BMC has said though, better we give em good advice and see them through as safely as possible rather than have them do something stupid and thoughtless. Several kids that have come to me for advice over time have done enough research to talk themselves into waiting for the right time.

It’s like what happens in schools these days, children starting sex education classes at 8 years old - does this introduce them to sex younger or does it turn them away for longer??

There must always be help and education available but a little knowledge can be far more dangerous than none at all.
It’s just too back and fourth tol contemplate properly lol

I am for education of hazards and risks - with sex, drugs, everything.

Better that people. anyone, can make an informed educated decision than an uninformed ignorant one.

I will NEVER advocate not giving helpful and accurate advice to try to deter an unhealthy/dangerous/risky activity.

This is the tactic of many an American state with the refusal to provide needle exchanges and safe IV drug usde advice (as well as safe IM steroid advice which the same exchanges provide here).
Just MA and CA IIRC…

THAT pisses me off.

But i do agree - that we get alot of little shits here who have no business even considering the activity, and it is tough to know how to act in their best interest if they cannot even act in their own benefit!

(Saying that, who here never made bad mistakes between 14 and 60?!)


ya I can understand youngens being eager to use, as I was one of them lol… What bothers me more is seeing those who were really high in bodyfat talking about “bulking” with steroids when they obviously have not learned to bulk without them… Gear CAN cause BP problems and when people who dont diet use, it can cause CVDs. This just fuels the flame that “steroids are dangerous”