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New to Forum/Which Bench to buy?


Hey guys new to the forum.

I have built my home dungeon in my basement. I currently have,

-Body-solid Power rack

-body-solid multi-bench

-Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym with preacher curl attachment and leg ext/leg curl attachment

-Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells with add on kit to 120

-2 Olympic barbells one 1200lbs static test

The bench I have is a decent bench but it is not wide enough. Has anyone used the rouge flat utility bench or Elite fts econo dumbbell flat bench?

I need a quality bench and it is worth the investment to me.

Thanks again!


I have the Ironmaster super bench. It's wide, firm and very well made with 11 angles. Sorry to say I have not sued either of those other benches though.


eh... i was going to edit my post but its been an hour and it hasn't showed up... so..

Just wanted to add that you have a great setup there! You clearly have plenty of room in your basement. I have a homegym setup as well.

powertec power rack with lat tower
ironmaster super bench
ironmaster adjustable DBs up to 120s
ironmaster preacher attachment
getstrength front squat harness.

thats about it so far besides things like preacher bars, cable attachments, etc.


That's a nice set up man. Why don't you continue the Body Solid trend and get their SFB349G commercial flat bench? http://bodysolid.com/Commercial/item.cfm?id=908. It really depends on what price point you want to be at. You can find that bench for about $650.

York also makes a nice flat oly bench.http://yorkbarbell.com/NonCommercialProducts.php?ProductType=Training%20Stations&Category=Fitness%20Training%20Series%20%28FTS%29&ProductID=454. I believe it goes for around $349.

We use these two benches at the Arnold Classic every year for the Pump and Run competition.


Thanks man. Ya wish I could add that olympic bench but I don.t have enough room anymore. If anything I would add a leg press and/or a GHR. Probably going to go with the rouge bench. With shipping it comes to 220 exactly, the Elite fts bench with shipping is like 284!

Someday I'll make a basement gym with all Elite fts and Hammer strength equipment! That's the ultimate.