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New to Forum, Somewhat New to TRT

[quote]KSman wrote:
I can’t tell how long you have been on the IR and total taken. Can you relate to timing of palpitations etc?

IR can cause some excursions of TSH. But this TSH=0 is very weird.

Do your supplements contain selenium, should, very important for thyroid function and thyroid health.

Current body temperatures?[/quote]

I was taking 25-30mg/day for about two months. Well over 750mg that you suggest. That was a mistake on my part for not paying attention to the replenishment dose before going on a maintenance dose. Then on a maintenance dose (one drop of Lugols 5% solution per week, about 6mg) for a short period when I started getting anxiety and the racing heart rate. The last labs were taken about a week after starting the 6mg/ week.

I was surprised by the hyperthyroid result and did some research which showed the majority of cases for over dose of iodine resulted in hypothyroid and in very few articles mentioned that it could cause hyperthyroid. I stopped all supplementing of iodine and the heart palpitations and anxiety have stopped.

My two per day multi contains 200mcg of selenium which I was taking during IR. It also contains 150mcg of iodine from kelp. I stopped taking those also and have started back on them for the last two weeks and all has been good with the 150mcg iodine. Haven’t felt the anxiety or palpitations again.

Current body temps have remained at good levels. 97+ when waking and 98.6 by early afternoon.

I have a suspicion that the TSH test result was bogus since I have no symptoms of hyperthyroid aside from the anxiety and increased heart rate. No weight loss, no increase in bowel movements, no enlarging of thyroid.

I’ll be having more labs done in a month to see where my current levels are with the decreased test dosage. This time hopefully I can get a more in depth thyroid panel done. Last time the endo would only test TSH. I may have them done by an outside lab so I can get exactly what I want without argument from the doctor.

One other question that I’ve been wondering about is the effect of the Nolvadex on my total test levels. Will after taking 10mg/day for two months significantly raise test levels? Should I taper off to zero before my next labs? Or stay on it and have LH and FSH levels tested also to see if it is doing anything?

You can learn something from the labs on A a SERM. You can see whats working or not.

[quote]KSman wrote:
You can learn something from the labs on A a SERM. You can see whats working or not.[/quote]

So what tests would show that? I assume if my LH and FSH were no longer zeroed from being on TRT that would show that I was secondary hypogonadal? Or am I misunderstanding those levels?