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New to Forum, Ready to Make Changes


I've been lurking around the site for some time on and off and decided to join today because I'm ready to make some changes. I'm not sure where to post this but since I'm over 35 I figured this is about the best place. First a few stats about me. I'm 41 year old man. I'm married and have four kids. I work nights driving a truck that sometimes requires me to work the dock when I get to a destination or sometimes I just drive(kinda depends on the route they give me). I also have Lukemia I was diagnosed about 10 years ago but I'm doing just fine so no worries there.

Here's my deal. Back when I was diagnosed I never exercised. When my doctor got me into remission he suggested I lose weight. So I got fired up I had a new lease on life. I lost around 60 pounds or so and got down to 200 pounds and 13% bodyfat,but back then they had ephdrine. I maintained that weight for about a year and then it started coming back. Back when I lost the weight I was ligting weights 5 days a week mixed with cardio and running 3 miles every Sunday. I enjoy lifting weights more than cardio,ecspecially now since my weight had pretty much came back. I have more muscle now and can lift more than I could 10 years ago,but I also have a belly. So what I want to do is keep what muscle I have and lose this bodyfat. I don't know if they Lukemia keeps me from putting on a lot of muscle. I should be bigger than I am. I do well in deadlift and in legs,but not so well in chest in shoulders. The past month and half I've been doing a workout that starts with three reps of your heaviset set like deadlift for exmaple. Since I know I need to change I'm looking for a new workout and diet to achieve my goals. I want to get back down to 200 pounds and less than 13% bodyfat. Can y'all help me out??????


Welcome aboard this is definitively the section for you.

How many days a week can you workout?
Any orthopedic injuries?
Are you currently on a program?


I usaully workout 4 days a week sometimes 5 depends on how I feel when I get off workout Sat morning. As to a program no not really. Chest Mondays,Tuesady off,Wed Back,Thursday shoulders,Friday Legs and arms,then Saturday light chest and back. Like I said in the OP I have been doing 3 reps of heavy weight in the first set mainly upto 5 sets chest for example. Then I do higher reps and lighter weights. I have made some strenght gains. I wanna lose this weight though I know I'd feel a lot better. No kinda injuries really I do have some foot pain and knee pains but usually work through it.




Okay sorry dont have much time tonight, time for the family.

Suggestions will be supportive on here, I suggest looking at 5/3/1 as a base.

Diet is the next thing, my suggestion is Paleo in origin is most successful.

Cardio is varied steady state vs HITT.

You sound like you just need some consistency and dial in your diet. During the week I am on here a lot with my work schedule will revisit next week, good luck man. Have a great weekend.


^ What DJ said. And welcome aboard!


Nice to see you here, as a beginner i would't dare offer advice. Like you i work mainly nights so understand the problems of eating well and getting the lifting done.

Just a couple of things :
Do you keep a food log--i have just started doing this and it's very revealing on my food habits.
Walking especially fasted seems to work for me very well in helping to get shot of the fat.


Hi, 7 point, welcome to the Lawrence Welk crowd. Congrats on getting serious.

No idea if lukemia affects muscle building, but bear in mind people vary naturally for a variety of reasons. Also, at our age, it's challenging for all of us.

ditto on Paleo. It's strict, but helps carve off the fat and gets you tough. Here's all the links you could ever need: http://paleodiet.com/

Free weight exercises, like deadlifts and presses, are definitely the way to push the strength up. You're already doing physical labor, that's good.


screw the diet. Hyooge your way out of it.

do 5/3/1 or I'll kill and eat you. tradition.

d-bol and whiskey. you never see really fat drunks.


Welcome to the forum. Here's a tip. If you're just starting lifting and weight loss at the same time. Do not step on a scale. There are to many variables to concider. Just get a routine down and don't worry, you're on the right track. As the fat goes the muscle building will add weight, so you may not see any weight loss for a while. Or you may lose some weight then put it right back on. Wait six months.

In my world cardio is everything. A stronger heart and lungs makes everything easier. One can do nothing without oxygen and blood carries everything good your body needs. So the better these two organs work the greater your gains will be. Start by walking as many places as you can. Changes your life style to rid yourself of your old habits, This is for life, stay strong.


Well last week went crazy quick in terms of work schedule and stress. Work got haywire flip flopping schedules and some personal stress went thru the roof,but it's all good now. So I started off the week good with chest and back yesterday,then cardio today. I just got done cooking my meals for the week. So I'm all set there.

So starting this week it's lifting on Mon Wed and Fri. Cardio the other days. Also changed my diet this week. I had been eating what I ate years before when I lost a ton of weight,but I wasn't seing results. So this week it's chicken breast,rice,and broccoli for lunch. I eat deli meat and fruit for snacks. Trying to keep my diet simple and natural. Before I lift I drink 1 serving of No Shotgun and a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder and honey in it. Does that sound good to y'all?


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Rode hard and put away wet...lol



Can't argue with that.

Sounds like the basis for an article.

Welcome 7point.