New to Forum, Here's My First Cycle Experience

Just starting on this forum, i figured i’d share my first cycle experience.

Cycle: 10 weeks, 2 bottle Test - e , 1 bottle Clomid

Test-E 500mg / wk

PC: Clomid 50mg/day for 21 days


So um where’s the after pics lel?

Just busting your balls mane. BW/change? Strength/Lifts?

In 10 weeks? Than your strength went down 5 weeks after the cycle…?

You maintained weight, maintained LBM (roughly), increased your DB Press by maybe 10lb in 10 weeks and this was a successful cycle?

Jeez maybe you should share your story with all the teens that want to do their 1st cycle. Might change their mind better than telling them their balls will shrink and their nips will grow…

Strength didn’t go down a significant amount, obviously after a cycle your strength goes down slightly , now I’m back up doing 100s for sets of 8, been off cycle since May. I wasn’t going for 1RMs either, was doing hypertrophy so focusing on isolation and contraction to build muscle. My weight roughly stayed the same but i felt leaner, my next cycle I will add an oral as front load

I would suggest that you try to lean out a bit before the next one.

100%. before My next cycle I already plan to cut down to at LEAST under 200lbs. (currently 214) (in the progress pic i was 220-225ish)