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age 26, 27 Feb 28th

height 6 1

weight Currently 338

waist 45 at hips

describe body and facial hair: I have a full head of hair and it is thick. I have no hair on my chest/shoulders/upper back/biceps/triceps. I do have some hair (very little) on stomach and small of back. Arms, legs, pits, and genitals have thin hair. Cannot grow full beard or anything remotely close. I look like a oppossum on chemo.

did to grow fast or slow and steady as a teen: Slow and steady from what I remember.

testes ache or hurt? ever? Slight uncomfortable pain but infrequent

mood: relaxed, laidback... I do not get too excited about much.

depression: Not that I'm aware of.
libido: Ha! What's libido? I could not tell you the last time I had sex or thought about sex and yes I'm married. My libido has caused many concerns to my wife. She tends to think I do not like her or find her attractive.

get cold easily? a change? Hands and feet are often cold

dry skin, brittle nails? Skin...no. Nails...would not know because I chew/bite them.

use iodized salt? Don't think so.

eat much sea food? Few times a month.

exposure to chemicals? No.

ever used hair loss drugs? No.

Rx and OTC drugs: I've used: M1T (methylated testosterone) about 6 years ago, Dbol 30 mg/day for 6 weeks 2 years ago, allergy meds like Zyrtec or Claritin, and Dr. currently has me on Phentermine.

I unfortunately do not have much labwork at my hands. I recently did a full panel and all was "normal" except my liver enzymes. After seeing GI Dr., they said I have NASH which is a really long word for fatty liver disease. The test results I have are limited but here they are:

Iron Total 61 ug/dL 49-181
TIBC 262 ug/dL 250-460
Iron Saturation 23 % 15-40
TSH 2.47 uIU/mL .35-4.94
Testosterone 192 ng/dL 132-813 ?????

I have been complaining of lethargy, limited and interrupted sleep, no libido, erections do not seem as strong and from what I can remember sex did not last long. 2 years ago when I was using light gear (also took Nolvadex after) I weighed 260. Since that time the weight has been packing on with limited changes to my diet. I was at a record high of 367 and over the past 4-5 months have dropped to 338. My doctor wants to see if losing weight will increase my T levels, but I think I ruined them between the M1T with no PCT (young and dumb) and the light gear.

I have two appointments with two different endocrinologists. Feb. 20th and April 10th

I left a message with my family doctor to put in orders so I can test LH/FSH, TT, FT or bio-T, E2, and PSA prior to these appointments. I would rather figure out how to strictly deal with my doctor though.

I am open to questions and comments. I need all the help I can get. I am too young too feel this crappy. My goal is to get on TRT, if that is the solution, dosed 200-250 mg/mL EOW. Which I can pin lower doses twice weekly if they would let me.


Your additional blood tests that you will get will tell us more. But you could also do with a few more tests. Read the stickies to see the recommendations.

A few that come to mind:
Thyroid antibodies tests done

They say that being overweight does lower testosterone and raise E2. So it might be playing a role.... Your cold hands and cold feet, TSH of 2.4 could be a sign of Hypothyroidism but you will need additional tests to confirm/deny this Ft3,Ft4,Thyroid antibodies to rule out autoimmune disease.

Good luck with the Endo's I hope you have more luck with them than I have had. To me they have been absolutely useless. If your testosterone comes back the same as it is now, they will see it is in range and say you are fine.

If you end up going on TRT don't inject just 1x per 2 weeks. Inject at least 2x per week and adjust if necessary. Injecting once every 2 weeks is not good practice and you will probably not notice any difference.

If you have discomfort in your testicles I would get them checked out. Ask for an ultrasound, the discomfort could just be a Varicocele or it could be something a lot worse. Better to play it safe and get it checked!

You will need more tests done to paint a better picture and help diagnosis.


ditto the above

thyroid issues - test for RT3.


Still waiting on some results but they called with these:

FSH 3.4 (1.5 - 12.4 mIU/ml)
LH 2.9 (1-20 IU/L)
E2 22 (10-45 pg/mL)
PSA 0.25 (0.00-4.00 ng/mL)
Prolactin ???? (2 - 18 ng/mL)

They have not given the number yet as they said the dr. has to interpret the results. They just said it is higher than the range. My new testosterone and free testosterone numbers are also still pending.


high prolactin is not good and causes a large number of symptoms/issues.


Newest results... prescribed armour thyroid for Hashimoto's Disease. Don't have the sheet in front of me but the numbers I do remember. There were two tests, one had a range of 0-9 and mine was 190 and the other had a range of 0-20 and mine was 345. He described it as my immune system trying to kill my thyroid.

He also ran test 242 (400-1080) and free test 50 (range 50-200?). I have been prescribed a testosterone cream for the time being. I requested injections but he is leary about them and wants to start with the cream and go from there.


My suggestion would be to talk to the doc about posponing the T treatment until you get your thyroid straightened out. It is possible you won't even need it once you address your hashi's disease.