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I’m new here. Just joined. I’m 59 lifted weights most of my life. But of last 20 years just started lifting about 4 years ago. Didn’t lifting for 16 of it because I was working a job that was 24/7. Now, I’m just 5 days a week.


Welcome aboard! What are you current goals?

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My current goat is get back to my bench I was at two years ago. I hurt my shoulder sleeping with my arm folded under my pillow.

5’10" @ 215 lbs.

I would like to get back in 205 area or high 190’s on my body weight. . My flat bench is currently around 280 lbs. Want to get back to about 320 like I was then. Hurt my shoulder and started back at just bar 2 years ago. Slowly coming back. Working on everything else also.


welcome to T-Nation

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User name checks out…we can be friends

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