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New To Decca


Hi all, iam new to this site and to decca...
29 year old, 184 lbs 16.2% bf .. not a big guy.. iv been working out for a few months.. but it's hard for me to make gains.. so iam thinking about using decca and dbol..
what kind of size increse can i expect on a 6 week cycle?

Will my body fat% rise alot?

Thanks in advance for the help


You are making a mistake thinking steroids are an option only a few months in. I did the same thing a while back and it was an even worse thought because im 17 (18 tommorrow !). With the advice of these guys i realized it was ridiculous to juice at my age. I'm making gains now eating big and lifting heavy. Its dedication...This is all i think about now and i love it. I will eventually look good because im putting in the work and thats gotta stand for something. Don't juice with only a few months in. And deca is really stupid for a first cycle unless you are stacking with test. But really tho....eat more and lift heavier. Wait atleast a few years before you fuck with something like this.


Let me preface this with saying that I have never used a steroid, so I don't really have any experience on the topic.

However, judging by the fact that you can't spell 'deca', I believe that you have not researched it, and thus, would undoubtedly be making a huge mistake.


wow .. how can a speeling typo be so misleading.. fyi i have done research on the product, my reason to post here is to get feed back from past users, not to be feed useless comments. Thats the problem with alot of forums today, people have and addiction to posting, so they just post crap.

If there is anyone willing to share there past exp on using deca/sus stack please let me know. Much appreciated.


Ok bro, Why would you want to use "decca" in a 6 wk cycle? Secondley, d-bol, deca, Where is the test? What does your pct look like? You have posted no planned amounts or what your goals are. This lack of knowledge is very evident by your post and I would suggest holding off on the aas until your training and diet is dialed in. Come back in a couple of years with some serious training and a proper diet under you belt, and a well thought out cycle and we will help you out. Good luck.


In my opionion you need to wait to any type of steroid to your work out. If you have only been working out for a few months, you need to let your muscles grow and get stronger on their own. I trained for 5 years before trying anything, learned everything I could about bodybuilding before I pulled the trigger.


I could talk all day about how supid you sound for even considering using any AAS at your age and at your training level but I'm not. Instead go read the true life thread and see how those people got dogged for the way they used AAS because from the sound of it you are one of those guys. Do your research and don't consider using AAS untill many many years down the road.



By your own admission - You have only been working out for a few month. And you are just not seeing the gains come fast enough?

You are not going to like the advice you will be getting in this thread, and I'll tell you exactly why: You have not given your body a chance to respond to training. You have not even mentioned your eating habits. In short - you are not anywhere near ready to swim in this end of the pool. This is not a slam - this is the truth.

Proper training, proper nutrition, and a little patience are basic pre-requisites for any type of body transformation.

I'll make you a promise. But first, you have to do everything I am about to tell you to do. Okay?

First - Read everything on this website that Chad Waterbury has written, and pick out one of his protocols to use. Then do exactly what he says to do - to the letter.

Next - Read everything Berardi has written on this site. If you don't care for Berardi, read everything Lowery has written here. Read the "Diet Manifesto". Heck - click on the "Articles" listing at the left of the page, and then select "Diet Programs". Read all you can about diets. Then pick one that you feel will help you meet your goals. Then follow it. To the letter.

Train hard and eat big for 1 year.

Now the promise: You do exactly what I am telling you to do, and you do it for one year and I promise that you will see gains. Big gains. Change the way you live your life gains.

You don't need AAS to achieve a physique that is low in bodyfat and high on LBM. It takes hard work, proper nutrition, and patience.


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Very good advice Rainjack!