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New To D-Bol


Hey, Im new To T-Nation

Im a beginner at weight-training, a friend of mine - who competed at the canada games last summer - is getting me into it. I have heard a few thing about D-Bol and i was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with it... side effects, gains..etc..


If you're a beginner ar weight training then you don't need steroids, period.


Your a beginner and your going to take D-bol?


Unless you compete, I don't think its that great of a AAS to take. You lose most of your gains when you come off. Its very liver toxic (second maybe to only Anadrol).
For a beginner: Test is your friend.


For a beginner, food and training are your best friends. Forget roids until you know what you are doing, both inside the gym and out.


Dude if you're just beginning you DO NOT need roids!!! You need diet and lifting. Make sure to get your protein, creatine, and rest then watch yourself Grow!!!