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New to Cytomel, No Steroid Stack

Cutting season has begun and I was wondering if people could share experiences you have heard about cytomel usage, but without steroids. I hear it will lower muscle mass a lot unless you use steroids, is this true? What if one were to do a one month cycle with cardio every day, lifting heavy twice a week, perfect diet with TONS of protein? More information would be greatly appreciated.

perfect diet huh? I’ve never heard that before. Personally i wouldnt touch T3 without being on AAS. I know certain guys on here have had good luck without being on AAS, contrl comes to mind? but he is far more experienced than you. Being as you are new to t3 and seems as though you are new to the entire scene, how bout you just do your cardio, lift and follow you perfect diet to get your desired results? i would hate to see you screw yourself up just looking for a shortcut, or hey give HOT-ROX a shot??

I don’t recommend it. If you are using drugs like that to get into super shape you should be using anabolics also. I think it’s unwise for most people to use it without steroids or insulin and HGH. Just stick to hard work, good dieting and HOT-ROX or ephedrine or clen/albuterol. I personally don’t like the feeling on T3 period.

Stay away from it without AAS assistance.

What was your planned dosage? If it’s low-dose, you probably don’t need AAS. But there’s no real reason to use low-dose because an OTC fat burner like HRX coupled with proper diet and training will yield the same results. If you’re going to use a really effective dose of T3 that’s going to give results that OTC products can’t easily do, you’re risking a lot of muscle loss without AAS.

alright, thanks for the help, I’m gonna drop lipo-6 and try out HOT-ROX Extreme this weekend. Deff. don’t want to lose the hard earned muscle.