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New to Cutting


Hey I've been lifting for years but I have never (until now} seriously tried to get ripped. I am haveing a hard time. I am 6'4 240 and 17% BF. I eat 2500 calories a day-{200 or grams of protein or more}, I do cardio 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. I lift between my cardio days. I am nuclear security officer so my matabolism is sedentary. Here is my daily habits....

Morning protein shake with banana appox 500 cal


after workout
gatorade and rice and chicken
approx 500 cal

2hours later
bar 200 cal

2hours later
2 0r 3 sandwiches on wheat
aprox 500 cal

2hours later
apple and bar
300 cal

than a shake before I go to sleep
500 cal

I have diligently followed this for about 6weeks and have maybe lost a few pounds and gained a little muscle, maybe.. my legs have more definition but thats about it. What am I doing wrong


Hey GK, (can I call you GK?)

You appear to be in the same position as me. I have been trying to drop fat for about five weeks and so far have dropped about 15 lbs.(starting: 6', 275 lbs, 22%BF). Your diet is pretty close to what I have been eating as well. First, I would suggest getting some Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. I used it these past five weeks, and I've lost fat. I can't prove causation but hey, it can't hurt either.

Second, concentrate on the weight lifting. The first thing you typed was cardio, and THEN I weightlift on days I don't cardio(or something to that effect). Instead, do cardio on days you don't lift. I know it sounds like semantics, but trust me. Also, you didn't specify what kind of cardio you do, but it should be something involving sprints. Intervals, wind sprints, things of that nature. Cruising around on one of those God-awful elliptical machines for 45 minutes isn't going to cut it.

And lastly, don't be too concerned with rapid loss. You didn't put it on in six weeks, you're not going to drop it in six. As long as you are moving in the right direction(down)all is well. Drop too quickly and you'll lose a good portion of muscle. What's the point of being skinny if you're a pansy ass?

Good luck, you sound like your on the right track.


Good stuff, thanks bro





Seriously, you need more substance. A bar. An apple. A shake.

Steak, fish,chicken,turkey,olive oil,fish oil,flax seed oil.

And you can't possibly drink too much water.


I appreciate the imput. Besides drinking lots of water I dont really think im going to start the oil, I mean it sounds kind of like the Zone diet I read years ago. I simply dont have the time to prepare or carry anymore than What food I bring to work now. Plus The shakes and the bars are the only way I know how to pack the 200 or more grams of protein into such a low caloric diet.


First off

I don't know boo about no Zone diet, but I doubt taking fish oil capsules twice a day was an integral part of the plan.

Second--I was hinting that you need some more quality cals possibly in that diet. I think you had yourself at 240lbs. If you are doing cardio 3-4 days a week and lifting 3-4 days a week you are starving yourself. Your body is hanging on to the fat and slowly living off of the muscle in times of need. I know you're cutting. But there is a difference between cutting and fad dieting.

Maybe you are in a hurry for some reason and are trying to do it quickly, that I don't know. But the only reason guys cut for 8-12 weeks before a show is because they are already in great shape. Maybe 10-12%bf to start and then go down for show. You are at 17% or so. It is gonna take a little while to get down to your goal, and I honestly think you could greatly benefit from the oils.

Good luck


Right on, I'll look into the fish oil and consider raising caloric intake. Thanks