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New to Cutting


Hi im very new to cutting, seeing as i've never actually done a cut. Recently injured my right arm and looks like I wont be lifting heavy for around three week, so thought its perfect time to do a mini cut. I'm 5"8 205 pounds around 18% body fat.

I was thinking maybe drop cals to around 3,250 a day. And keep lowering if i'm not losing enough weight. What's a realistic goal a day and week to lose weight. Also i'm concerned about preserving as much muscle as possible.

I was thinking going up to around 300 grams of protein try and eat more fish and beef and remove all additional fats and only eat complex carbs and having the bulk of my carbs in the morning then building down to no carbs just before bed. I will then train around 3 times a week as im pretty much unable to use my right arm. With one day being a heavy leg day where ill increase my carbs by around 500 cals for that day. With the other two days being high reps and more core work.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Go to supplements and nutrition section, you'll get more advice/help there.


What you said sounds pretty good. However, a time when you can't work out upper body might not be the best time to cut, if you want to preserve as much muscle as possible.


It's down the road.

not across the street.


Yep bro try to do it when you recover, this is not the best time.


the best way to keep your muscle is to lift heavy so you give your body a reason to keep the muscle you have so to cut and not be able lift heavy on certain days = loss of muscle


Exactly, When you do a cut(assuming you're drug-free), your muscles need intense, heavy stimulation in order to fulfill the psychological and physiological demands.


This is where it can differ.
Look at Levrone.He is on his cutting cycle.He uses mostly supersets/giant sets whatever u want to call them.Maybe he can get away with it because he is a genetic mutant.But he does not train heavy at all when he cut up to 3% bodyfat recently.