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New to Cutting


weight: 180
age: 17

im not happy with my body
i realize ill lose strength cutting, but if i eat at a mild calorie deficit will i lose any muscle along with the fat?
i was just about to start rippetoes, but since im cutting should i do something with higher volume, or should i just leave it to cardio to burn the calories and do higher intensity training in the weight room (rippetoes)
and should i have a low and mid carb days in the week
also what are some good weight loss supplements?


If you keep training intensely you shouldn't lose strength. You can easily gain strength while cutting, if done properly.


That article should help you out a lot. It covers all the important information regarding losing fat.


thanks a lot


Anabolic diet and Waterbury Summer Project.

All I gots to say.


I just wanted to agree with Bloobird and say that, especially at your age, it should be possible to gain, or at least maintain, muscle and strength while cutting if you keep lifting hard. The only reason you'll lose strength is if you think that's what is going to happen