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New to Conditioning Work


Hey guys! I've decided to do conditioning work as part of 5/3/1, but rather than just do hill sprints, I want to try a variety of methods so I can see which I'm most suited for. I want to give hill sprints, biking and squats a shot. I can do Wendler's hill program which is 20 hills a workout, but curious as to how to create a biking (not stationary) and squat conditioning program. If you guys could explain the basics, I can pick things up from there.

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Nah screw that. All you need is hill sprints, regular sprints (see Lee Boyce or Erick Minor's article), prowler, jump rope. Boom done.


What do you mean most suited for? If you want to condition, maybe you should do the things you suck at so you get better at them. Isn't that one of the points of conditioning? It always sucks.


I get shin splints incredibly easily :expressionless: variety would keep me walking.