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New to Chicago, Good Gyms?


I just moved to Chicago last week for school and work, and now that I am pretty settled in my little box of an apartment I am looking for a good gym. I don't know anybody that lives down here yet, so I am pretty bored, and I am looking for a nice little gym to help cause me an infinite amount of pain and turn me into a beast.....any suggestions?



CFC on Lincoln Avenue. Or Quads.


Where you going to school?


LA fitness is aite, roosevelt & canal downtown, i go there


Lol screw those, goto the Poliquin Performance Center


Are you kidding? That's not even IN the city. It's way the hell up near Northbrook.


And I doubt he can just walk in there and train. OP, also, UIC West Campus has a gym called Sport and Fitness Center or something like that, it is supposed to be kick ass and newly renovated. Check it out, not sure if it is only students or not but see if you can work something out.


Avoid Quad's- unless you are gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's in the heart of Boys Town.


Where you living or going to school?


Yeah, Boys Town is a fun time only if you're a straight girl or gay guy. During the day it does have some awesome restaurants and a couple of complete blocks on Halsted are wall to wall sex shops.


XSport Fitness open 24 hours


I have several friends who go there. They have 4-5 locations and one opening in 2010 right near Wrigley.


I don't agree with this at all. Quads is known for being a no-frills, serious lifting gym. Boy's Town or not, it's one of the best gyms in Chicago. Now, if you said to avoid the Bally's in Century City because it attracts a largely gay clientele, I'd have to agree....


Not sure where you are, but if you are in Roger's Park or close you might want to head up to Evanston and go to Northwestern's Patten gym. Pretty hardcore for a school gym, as it's in a basement, heavy metal music is blasted and most serious lifters on campus train there, including the powerlifting team and a lot of football players. I'm a student so I don't know the cost but I would imagine it is pretty cheap. As a note though, there is almost no cardio equipment short of a few bikes.


Are you going to SPAC right now, with Patton closed during the summer? I wouldn't be surprised if I've seen you around.


I was thinking of Patten.

I was never a big fan of X-sport--it was good for my social life but not my workouts. Truely the definition of meat market.

I liked working out at Lakeshore downtown...it was a little pricey and there was no eye candy, but they had a decent weight room that was always empty for me. Always had my pick of the equipment.


Have you been there recently? I have not been inside since the late 90's- but it was great equipment back then and wall to wall gay guys. Again- nothing wrong with that- but I felt a tad uncomfortable.


No, I actually have an internship and housing up in Waukegan so I go to a powerhouse gym right by work. It's actually pretty great there as there are a bunch of huge guys and a couple of BBs who are all really nice and great to get advice from. PS I hate SPAC.

Are you a student too? What year? I'm sure I'll see you around patten this year if I haven't already.


Haha yea, patten won't help with your social life unless you're into big sweaty guys but great little gym.