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New to Chicago, Couple?

Hi all.

I just moved to Chicago (Wicker Park to be exact…or is it Bucktown…?), and was hoping the T-Community could steer me in the right direction on a couple fronts.

  1. Running track. I’m looking for a decent outdoor track, most likely at a school, that I can use without getting hassled. Stadium stairs are a bonus, but not needed. The closer to the area I’m in, the better, but please note if there’s decent parking or convenient public transport.

  2. a good ART/soft tissue provider. I need someone who’s good with athletes and is going attack my glutes/hips/etc. with vomit inducing force and tenacity…you get the picture. I don’t mind driving to the burbs for someone particularly good.

  3. are there any good supplement/nutrition stores outside of GNC/Vitamin shoppe? something local or regional I may not know about?

  4. lastly, while I have you, feel free to throw out any other recommendations you may have. pizza, beer, steak, you name it, I’m sure I’ll have some use for it. I don’t need a full travel guide, but some local favorites that you wouldn’t mind sharing would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance for the help