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New To Bodybuilding


I'm an experienced lifter but have never been able to really put on the weight. I'm 5'11" 170lbs. I'm in Afghanistan right now, and I don't have a lot of extra time for the gym or much of a gym to use. I love to lift and being in the gym frees my mind from everything.

so my question to you is, what would you suggest the best supplement stack for me is? my diet is shitty right now because I'm pretty much eating MREs every day, and i can't lift regularly. but i want the most out of the time I do get in the gym. any advice?


Workout and eat a mre they have good postworkout choices like meatloaf, anf the spare ribs.


yeah MREs are great to eat if thats all you have, but we dont usally get enough and if I grab two some ones like you cant get one later for dinner if you eat both of those now. so I need supps i just dont know what the best ones are for size, like I said before Im 170lbs give or take. but I can bench 245lbs and im still inc4reasing it from week to week, and its the same with my other lifts. Im getting stronger but my size stays pretty much the same. and suggestions?


Figure out a way to eat more. Pretty simple.


If you need to get something, I'd say the Metabolic Drive Growth Formula. Protein and carbs...great for growing


If I were you I would just get 2 or 3 weight gainers and see which ones taste the best, it doesn't REALLY matter which ones. 2 weight gainer shakes and 3 MREs every day is a good start.


How many Servings are in the Metabolic Drive Growth Formul?, I cant fine it on the web site.


15 servings of 3 scoops.

270 cals
24g carbs
43g protein
8g fat

Under supplement facts


This dude is not in the military, or hasnt been deployed quite yet.

Really in that heat most weight gainers have bad amount of sugars in them those would make you dehydrate fast and fell like shit because of bloating.


So If I were to get Anaconda Anabolic Load would I still need to get Metabolic Drive Growth Formula since the Load has protein in it? or not?


...If you're going after weight gain, you need to increase your overall calories for the day. Anaconda only has something like 50 calories per scoop. You should really check out hungry4more's thread. He's in the military, a beast and eats like one too.


Truew he is i have talked to him in the War Room, but he is not currently deployed right now.