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New To BodyBuilding

Hey guys.
I just recently gave up track in college.I am transitioning to bodybuilding/strength training and I dont know if this is common but I am finding it kind of difficult.

I always feel like I need to do cardio. I am a blend between an endomorph and mesomorph,and since I got off the running and went to straight lifting and some cardio I put on about 5 pounds. I have pictures and I can p.m to anyone who wants to see the two week difference.And as a former fatboy(kind of almost back there now haha),I know I am very prone to putting on lots of fat when the opportunity presents itself.

I am also finding it hard to break out of these strength gear workouts ive been doing for years, and I feel like if I am doing a hypertrophy workout, I am betraying myself lol or the athletic community.Its like my mind has been geared to lift this way for a certain way for so long, I really dont know what Im doing.

I also trying to deal with lifting with soreness. When I was running it was just my legs, but now since I started hypertrophy, my whole body is like I was in a fight! Im guessing this is normal, but Im really not sure.

You also have less training partners to spot you. I always had someone who could give me a lift off or push me through the set, but now that I have no team mates around, it is kind of different,and I am not comfortable asking someone I dont know to give me a lift off.

I also want to do a show in november, a natural bodybuilding show. I want to take this next 8 to 9 weeks to get back to down to 11% bodyfat. And then from there I want to go hard put on some more muscle,and go for it. Is there anyway I can stil cut fat with my reduce cardio load and increased resistance training. I am very interested in how bodybuilders do cardio less intensely and still cut fat so well.

My splits for training look like this:
Monday:Chest/Quads in the AM
Triceps in PM
Tuesday: Back/Hamstrings in the AM
PM:Bicep(weak point of my body)
Monday and tuesday are hypertrophy based days.

Thursday:Same as monday but no p.m
Friday:Same as tuesday but no p.m

Thursday and friday are strength based days as I try to move heavy weight because I want to be strong in order to get bigger.

As you can see, I have a lot of questions and a lot to learn, but I guess the one thing I do have going for me is that I have a good amount of strength from being a sprinter(or decent amount).

Im sorry if this is long or a rant, I just have a lot of questions, and a lot confusion about things…

All help is appreciated…

Odd training split, you may like an upper/lower split.
Stick to the big 5 lifts, deadlift,squat,chin/pull up, dip, bench. Using these with varied rep ranged will allow you to pack on some mass while getting stronger. Intensity is key. There was a program posted on here, I think it was called “training for hypertrophy and strength”. It was an upper/lower that had strength and hypertrophy days for each day.

It you want to do cardio, by all means do it. But, there comes a point where you will start to chew away at your muscle. Low intensity cardio, incline walking is my favorite, can be used as it is less likely to eat away at your muscle. Diet is extrememly important.