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New to Bodybuilding....Seek Advice


Hello all, I am new here and I have been new in the interest for bodybuilding. I have one problem: I cannot follow tempo parameters, I lift and lower good, not let the weight drop, not shoot the weight up with explosive inertia but I keep good tension.

How can you follow programs without their tempo? I lift in a second, lower in a little bit more than 1 second, and I like ehavy sets not more than 9 reps or lighter weights and do 12+ or 15+ reps, under 20 reps anyways.

What program is here to help me grow big or how can i adapt to programs? I cannot do DoggCrapp for this tempo problem, or can i if I do things differently ?


You don't need to worry about tempo if you're lifting heavy weights bud, I think you're overthinking this.


Doggcrapp is for advanced lifters (people that have been consistently lifting for AT LEAST three years). I suggest you the program outlined here (Starting Strength): http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Starting_Strength_Wiki . Also, read the stickies (MUST READ FOR BEGINNER, ARE YOU A BEGINNER...) on top of "Beginner" forum. By the way, welcome aboard!


No one body builds on this website but good luck tho!lol Just train hard and eat correctly.


I understand as a beginner you're excited and ready to get your hands dirty. That being said, you are a beginner. You shouldn't be worried about tempo right now. You also may want to consider starting on something a bit more geared toward simply orienting you with the basic lifts. What programs have you done in the past? Have you ever done a 5x5 program? How long have you been consistently lifting?


Yeah, no one at all, especially not the guys who compete in bodybuilding shows like Stu. Idiot.