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Hey well I should introduce myself, Im Jeremy and I just got this link through mensfitness. I was very big on lifting about 1 year ago, I was pretty small in high school weighed 130-135. After high school I stated hitting the weight not knowing anything about it lol. I lifeted for about 4 months and in that time I went from 135-160. All my friends were convinced I was using steriods, INfact I wasn’t at all. All my hard work paid off, getting to the gym 5 days a week for about an hour. I went at first working all my body parts, then soon after found out it was wise to work differnt groups each day. So then I went on my own rutine, which basically consisted of

Monday arms, Tri’s
Tuesday Back, Shoulders
Wendsday OFF
Thursday Chest and latts
Friday abbs l
Saterday Arms, tris
Sunday OFF

LOL I cant belive I got big from that.
but I did… My eating was like Hell.
I just ate anyhting I could find around the house including tons of pasta’s.

Anyway I recently Got married and Stoped lifting completly for about 7 months then tried to get into it agian, But then my memebership expired. During this time I have lost about 10lbs or more of muscle mass. Im so pissed. I had great arms etc… ALL GONE…

So I want to do this right.

I weigh now about 150. How much carbs should I be eating per day with that weight? Pluse I will be starting a job working 7am - 4pm. will this be a problem in getting my mass back?
And whats the best diet, I have looked on here and there are tons. I have managed to see the work out programs on here and have picked one. Im starting with the Basics. Also I need to warn you I never worked out my leggs. It was all upper body. But I definatly want to start.

Any help would be great. ty Godbless

Go here


This has all the info you need to start with.

I don’t have much to say, just welcome to the site.

Oh, and read up! There is a ton of great stuff here that will help you achieve whatever it is you are looking to do…