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New to BB Training


After years and years of injuries due to contact sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, etc.) and after four concussions in as little as 4 months I have decided it's time for a change. After reading several posts and articles I have been heavely thinking of BB. I am 17 years old, 6'4", 177 lbs. I am not skinny, but my weights really low for the amount of workouts I do. I am not new to the weight room.

I have actually been training for 5 years, but not for size. More for athletic benifits. I need to think long and hard about what my goals are going to be, but I am determinded to do this. I have somewhat size and I'm one of the strongest kids in my Junior class, and my freshman year I placed 3rd in state in Georgia for a football weightlifting competition amung every 170-180. I am strong, just not big.

For four months I have been eating my butt off, and I have a somewhat knowledge of nutrition. I don't eat fastfood, boxed frozen foods, canned anything, basically the only thing i get from the grocery store is fruit and meat, but thats going to change as my mom has her own garden full of vegetables and is now experementing with fruit and she is also joining a co-op for the grass fed meat.

I have been drinking whey protein and creatine for some years now and have a sensible knowledge of it. So I guess basically I have the basic knowledge of what needs to be done in order to get in the sport of BB. I always thought it was an interesting class of men and women that pushes their body to the absolute limits and I would love to become one of those select few.


Really? How did you pull that off?


What numbers are you putting up?

There is a sticky at the top of the bb forum, btw. (best of T-Nation)
You should find links to all necessary information in there.


Need more info- lifting stats, pics would be helpful. Also, there is a whole forum dedicated to beginners (go to T-Nation forums and it is a couple of places down after bodybuilding) that you might (read: would definitely) find helpful.


My specs so far

Bench Press max- 235 lbs
Squat- ???
Pushups- 78
BF %: 10.2
Arms: 17"
Thigh: ??
Chest: ??
Neck: ??
Calves: ??

I know that I basically have no stats right now because after i get over this cold I'm going to test every single thing i can.

Pics will be provided ASAP.

AND TO X, I have always been cut and ripped. Never really big, but when people look at me, they cant guess my weigh,


17" arms at your bodyweight and a BP as low as that. Wow.


AH what the hell lol

17" arms and you weigh 177lbs @ 6ft 4" ??

MAN i'm 6ft 1" and all the up at nearly 220lbs (thanks all :P) and i don't think i have those arms !!

You must have SOME tricep /bicep genetics lol omg !


No need for 1RM's in bbing, they don't say all that much about one's physique unless they are ridiculously high compared to your weight.
5-10 RM's will make it easier to judge where you're at... But to be honest, your weight is very very low for your height and the numbers you've provided are, too. No worries though, you'll be up and over 200 in no time unless you do just about everything wrong.


He is 6'4... 17 inch arms at 6'4 are look pretty damn anorexic... Especially if he's of the longer-limbed variety (likely).
Will probably take arms over 20 inches to look impressive in any way at that height, and over 21 if you want to look at least partially advanced.

And you, STB, just need to get stronger for reps my friend. You just started training... Patience. One doesn't go from 120 to 300 overnight. (sadly)


Patience is not a virtue i have alot of :stuck_out_tongue:

I also am of the long limbed variety lol argh ! You are the bringer of bad news :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I have 17" guns :wink: haha, but I've beenworking out for 5 years, and at a young age all I did was widen my shoulders, increased my bi's. That's all I've ever known and for about 5 months I've been training my whole upper body, but I'm embarressed by my lower body completely. It's kinda my motivation when I look down and see my calves are pretty big, but look in the mirror nd it's something to hide. I really need to start doing heavy squats and such but I dont like lower body training at all. Seems boring but i know if i can actually man up and do it, I would be the biggest motherfucker in all the lands. I place no praise on my genitcs. I place 100% of it on hard work and only hard work. It keeps me going.


Same height as me, with that low bw and you don't consider yourself skinny? Nice conclusion, you probably have hollow bones or something like that, because I'm around 210 lbs and still really skinny, as I have heavy bones, like Cartman.

CC: My thoughts exactly. I don't really know why, but I have a feeling that my arms won't impress anyone until I hit 20inches. They're bigger than the average, but that's just natural, as most of the guys at my heigth has 10-12 inch arms. >It's a fashion here for the guys above 6ft3, that they're skinny, weight under 150 lbs and they all smoke :)<

En route to 20 inches.


It's not that i dont consider myself skinny, i am and i know that, its just my school, you're eaither fat, skinny, or football. Im none of the above, so im kinda judging myself on an unbalanced scale, if that makes any sense. I have size, long arms, long neck, long legs, short as fuck torso. Im goofier than goofy, big ears and along head. But i dont get made fun of because of my size and i take great pride in knowing i could beat the living shit ouit of someone if they open their mouths.


Good to see that you have a firm grip on what is important in life


You are skinny. I'm 190-195 (up from 150) at 6'2" and skinny. I don't see how it is possible to be "not skinny" at 6'4 177. Pics would be very helpful and all I can say is eat, eat, and eat more.


Tough guy.


haha that last post was a joke btw. didn't know know so many people would take it seriously. haha. Okay, and after reading all these posts i will say what has been said already, I consider myself skinny, but I'm one the biggest kids at my school, and like I said before, I'm judging myself on an unbalanced scale. I'm looking for pics now, so my next post should consist of them


Pool side


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