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New to BB - Bulking Diet Help


This is my first bulk and I have quite a limited budget for food. Can you please help me. I have been using this diet plan for a few weeks now and havent gone up or down in weight :frowning: My strength has gone up a little - but not as much as i would have imagined.

My Diet is currently

Meal 1
100grms Oats (RAW)
50grms Whey Protein
1 Pint Semi-Skimmed Milk
1 Banana
1 Multi Vit
1 x Fish Oil

Meal 2
50grms Peanuts
25grms Cheese
25grms Whey Protein
1 x Fish Oil

Meal 3
200grms Chicken
1 tbsp Mayo
250grms Rice
1 x Fish Oil

Meal 4
Same as Meal 2

Meal 5 (Pre WO)
100grms Oats (RAW)
50grms Whey Protein
1 Pint Semi-Skimmed Milk
1 Banana
1 Multi Vit
1 x Fish Oil

Meal 6 (Post WO)

This works out about 3500 Cals. Any help would be great.

Im doing the gym 4 times per week - mon, tues, thurs, fri doing a upper/lower split. I have included squats, deadlifts and bench pressing into my gym routine.

I really want to get to 200Lbs+ (currently 180lbs @ 15% BF).

Thanks again for your time and assistance.

Ummm… eat more than 3500 calories. What else did you think you would hear? If your money is limited, learn to buy in bulk or buy lower priced food (i.e. generic). I also didn’t see any meat in your menu other than chicken. How can you bulk on chicken?

Up your calories to 3750/week. If you aren’t gaining after that - up them again to 3900…

Keep your macros consistant with your goals. For me right now it’s P-33%, C-45%, F-12% on lifting days. P-35%, C-45%, F-20% on off days to make up for fat deficit on the others and keep it in balance. My calories are 4500lbs and I only weigh 200lbs. Lots of food for a little guy. However it’s better than it was in July - I’m up by 27lbs and keeping bodyfat around 10%.

Keep adding food and adjust the macros based on your needs until you start to gain. When you start to gain, watch the body fat - if it’s going up unacceptably - cut back by 250 or so cals/day or add one or two days of cardio.

I thought I couldn’t gain either, then I finally listened to someone who said “eat something dammit”.

I forgot something and my other post isn’t up yet so I can’t edit it in.

Budget? Protien powder in skim milk = cheap suppliment. Creatine = cheap suppliment.

Can’t afford chicken breasts? No problem buy bulk packs of thighs and freeze them. Boil them, dipping the fat off the top of the water, remove the skin and trim what fat is left. Pretty lowfat enough when you are done - you are bulking, what fat is left won’t hurt you. I eat about 40 or 50lbs of these a month and 8pounds of cheap steak with the fat trimmed off.

Pasta is cheap, whole grain bread is cheap, rice is cheap, pinto, black, etc…beans are cheap and add a nice bit of extra protein - saving you one or two pieces of chicken a day, corn is cheap…

Whey is good stuff, but I’m with the guy above. You’re relying on it too much. Chicken’s great too, but meat can’t be beat (unintentional rhyme). I’d forego some carbs and grab a big bargain pack of ground beef or some round steaks if money’s tight. You’ll get the added benefit of high resistance semi static masseter curls as well, especially with the round steaks :-]


In addition to all of the great ideas above, I would like to remind you of one more thing- chopping up meat is fun, now go chop some meat!