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New to Bands


im new to bands(41inch)....can any one give me any links or tips??? such as proper way to attatch bands? exercises....etc....all help is welcome..10x





Bands are a godsend for stretching and traction.


this may be a dumb question but,do bands ever lose their shape/resistance?? i mean apart if u break them


I've had mine for 4 yrs and they are still strong enough for me


Yeah they'll stretch out after certain period of time / if you use them too much, but hey - every piece of equipment has its wear and tear


I have discovered that the bands do not perform well after they have been sitting in a garage at -30 for a day or 2.


also is there a difference in the end result of using bands to add resistance or to use the lightening method???


Can you traction upper back with bands?


Yes, they are very different from the stand point of joint stress. Pressing, squatting, deadlifting against bands (especially pressing) is really hard on the joints, but the lightening method (reverse band) is not. I personally think this has to do with the added instability that comes from doing a movement against a band versus the added stability gained by the band assisting you. To be clear gravity works in one direction and a band will pull towards its attachment no matter where the bar goes (hence the instability), thus moving against a band you are "punished" for losing your groove, but with a reverse band it sort of gently guides you back into said groove (if set-up correctly).


So what are the pros and cons for both methods pls?? brief is enough. 10x alot guys for all ur advice


Aside from the above (joint stress issues) working against bands provides an overspeed eccentric which can lead to building a better bar turn around speed.

Working against bands also is great for speed work as it provides contrast such that you don't have to slow down (stop applying as much force) as you approach the top of the lift.

Reverse bands in my opinion aren't real good for speed work, but I think they are fantastic for overload work (getting a feel for weights heavier than you can handle for 1 rep), or specific weak point work (bench/deadlift lockout, and if set-up correctly can really be used to hammer the upper-back on the squat with a safety bar), or for training for gear.

That said, I do like to deadlift/rack or block pull against a lot of band tension, but not squat or bench (it just feels bad to me). It just kind of feels right and I like the contrast and grip work from it.


thanks :slightly_smiling: