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New to Androgel


Hello all! I have been on Androgel (4 "pumps" twice a day) for about 1 week. I had low normal T levels (total and free, with the free being at the very low end of normal). The doc says that I may have hypogonadism because I have moderate - severe constant chronic pain (blew out a disc at L5/S1 and life has never been the same). My symptoms were chronic severe fatigue, low libido, and general lack of interest.

After a week, my fatigue has improved dramatically, but I don't sense any change in libido (though my wife is having her cycle at the moment so I have not made any attempts).

My questions to anyone with experience are: 1. Is the fact that I have had a good response in terms of fatigue relief a good sign that my libido may also respond well? and 2. How long until most people experience "peak" effect? The Androgel web site indicates that relief is almost immediate, but I see a lot of posts on here indicating that it may take more than a few weeks for full effect to occur. Any consensus on that, or is every case different?


I called and spoke with a pharmacist at Solvay and he said many men take 2 or 3 months to really notice symptomatic relief. My experience with Androgel was not very good so I switched to Testim. At 10 mg/day, it produced 300% more test vs Androgel after a month of testing.