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New to Androgel, Advice?

i am a newbe to this, my doc put me on androgel two 5gr packs per day. My testosterone levels were an 86. I suspect this was due to not cycling off properly in my younger years. I just turned 30, is there any special advice you have for me.

Do you have a full hormone profile (total, free, SBHG, E2, etc)? I might be able to offer some better advice if i could see everything in full.

The problem with the gel’s is that they tend to turn alot of the testosterone into E2 which can lead to a lower testosterone level in return.

Make sure you get another blood test done in two week’s to make sure you have a positive rise in total testosterone (and free).

Let us know how you get on and feel free to PM me.

Advice? Ask your doc for Test Cypionate instead.

I was on Testim and didn’t do much for me, Cypionate was the answer.


Don’t waste your time with that stuff. Think about it, even if you absorbed all of the 10mg (which you don’t) that’s only 70mgs/wk. This is barely above what your own body can produce. More than likely, your getting like 20-30mgs/wk into your system.

Get on cyp or enth at 200-250/wk. If they refuse, self medicate.


I got a free and total testosterone level check, it was first thing in the morning. The test came back with an 86, my doc said he never seen such low levels on a big guy with larger amounts of muscle. I typically walk aroung at 230pds, Im 6’1. Im trying to diet down for my wedding. It had definitley helped in the bedroom. I have taken cyponaite before. My doc is not opposed to putting me on shots