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I saw a Medical Professional In Ednia, Mn.to get my Test checked and see where it was at since I was having low libido, sleeping problems, moody, not putting on muscle like I would I should. Im going on 40 yrs old. He gave me a script for chlomid ( 50mg) daily and that barely even raised my T. What paper work I got from him is my Albumin is 4.4 g/dl, SHBG 53 nmol/L, Free T: 6.01 ng/dL= 1.48% and my bioavailable T is 144ng/dL=35.5%. As of now he gave me a script for HCG since me and my wife are looking at having a baby within the next 3-4 months. He said try just this and if that doesn’t help then we will start with adding Test to the HCG. Im trying to read all I can about maybe just staying with HCG as I would like to keep my system running naturally for as long as possible. Has anyone on here had good results with that or doing it another way

If clomid did not raise your testosterone then you may be primary meaning testes dont work which means HCG should not help.

Did clomid raise your LH and FSH? If it did and your t was low you are probably primary. LH tells testes to make testosterone.

Adding FSH to a TRT protocol is a sure way to increase sperm production, your doctor might not have mention it do to the price. You can get it cheaper through Empower if he’s willing to write you a script.

What did the doctor suggest for a TRT protocol? Once or preferably two injections per week would work wonders for you, but I would start TRT in isolation so dialing in is easier, than add HCG later and if you add HCG and things go south, you know HCG isn’t for you as some men don’t tolerate HCG at all.

It can cause mood problems and excess estrogen which can ruin your TRT experience.

Are these your numbers on Clomid?

Yes they are

OK, you’re going to want to use testosterone. You can start and still be able to conceive in a few months. However, nothing wrong with using test and hCG concurrently. I doubt hCG monotherapy will be a long term solution for you. Did your doctor check before and after FSH and LH levels?

I don’t know if he checked before and after FSH and LH levels. Im thinking he did since he said all my levels look like I should go and start T replacement. Im going to call his office and see if they can email me all my tests so I can have all the numbers