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New To All of This

Hey Fellas,
Just starting out, been a fat boy for way to long. Starting stats are 6 feet tall, 45 years old, weigh around 290, large frame, big appetite, lots of desire. I can use any advice, support, recommendations, kicks in the ass anyone can provide. Routine, supplement, cardio advice, anything, let’s hear it! Been on some other boards, and felt I got nothing but B.S. Looking for some good advice from good people.

must read this…


I agree that link orion supplied is the best place to start then come back with any and all questions that may arise. Also any info you can give to help. Goals stats etc. the more in depth you go the better/easier it will be for everyone to lend a hand.

Thanks Bro’s,
I have gotten more response and positive information here in 10 minutes than in weeks on other boards. My goals are of fat loss and muscle gain. My bodyfat is high, and I know that it affects my health.

Welcome to the site. Check out the thread Orion linked above before you do anything. It will answer the most basic questions and such.

Most people on this site are willing to help, but it can get quite frustrating when a newbie asks a question that would take more time to type the answer to than if they just looked at the thread above or searched a bit. If you are proactive in your quest for better health, etc than you’ll do well.

Sorry I cut the last post so short, had to get off the web for a bit. My goals, as stated before are the typical, lose fat, and gain muscle. I have a powerlifters build, wide shoulders, barrel chest, but have a large waist. Currently I wear a 46 inch waist pants, and am around 30% bodyfat. My doctor cleared me for all exercise, but could offer no more advice than “eat right and workout”. I am not overly strong, but have the drive to succeed. I was over 375 pounds a year ago, and thru diet and quitting drinking, have lost about 85 pounds. But I want more. As I said before, any help advice is great, and I am reading the beginners sections of the forums.

I’m 48 so I’m familiar with some of the issue you’re about to face. Here goes:

1). Patience. Set moderate goals. I use six months to a year and keep them simple. The older athlete’s number one problem is over training/lack of recovery. As Jack LaLane used to say “…make haste slowly.”

2). Stick to the basics. Power clean, Clean and Jerk, military press, dead lift, squat, etc.

3). Finally, read Dan John’s web site. Follow his advice for six months and then reevaluate. In six months you’ll think he’s a genius.

4). Be very careful not to over train / under recover. For us older guys we can set personal strength records and be better than we’ve ever been but over training is our number one mistake.
Good luck and keep posting. jim