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-age - 39
-height - 6'0"
-waist - 36"
-weight - 229 lbs (Bodyfat wasn't asked for, but I'm over 20%)
-describe body and facial hair - Moderate body hair, nothing extreme. Facial hair grows very fast and thick.
-describe where you carry fat and how changed - In my stomach. This has never changed.
-health conditions, symptoms [history] - No real medical history. No current medical conditions.
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever - None. Ever.
-lab results with ranges - I am going to type out EVERYTHING I got back from the doctor, even if much of it isn't really relevant. The normal ranges are in parentheses.

WBC 6.8 (3.6-10.4)
RBC 5.16 (4.16-5.83)
HGB 15.9 (13.0-17.4)
HCT 47% (39-52)
MCV 91 (82-99)
MCH 31 (27-34)
MCHC 34 (32-35)
RDW 13.1% (12.5-15.7)
Platelet 330 (142-328) HIGH
MPV 8.6 (6.9-11.6)
Absolute Neut 3.70 (1.60 -7.71)
Absolute Mono 0.50 (0.20-0.90)
Absolute EOS 0.10 (0.00-0.50)
Absolute Basos 0.00 (0.00-0.11)
Neutrophils 53%
Lymph 37%
Monocytes 7%
Eosinophils 2%
Basophils 1%
Sodium 136 (134-143)
Potassium 3.7 (3.5-5.1)
Chloride 106 (101-111)
CO2 22 (22-32)
Anion-Gap 8 (3-13)
Glucose 111 (74-118)
BUN 10 (8-20)
Creatinine 0.85 (0.7-1.2)
Estimated GFR >59 (>59)
Calcium 9.2 (8.9-10.3)
Albumin 4.0 (3.5-4.8)
Protein 7.1 (6.1-7.9)
Bilirubin 1.6 (0.2-1.4) HIGH
Alkaline Phosphatase 54 (39-117)
ALT 26 (17-63)
AST 21 (15-41)
Cholesterol 157 (<200)
Triglycerides 225 (<150) HIGH
HDL 31 (>60) LOW
LDL 81 (<100)
Non HDL Chol 126
Testosterone 217 (348-1,197) LOW!!
TSH 1.895 _0.300 - 4.500)
T4(Free) 0.85 (0.6-1.6)

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] - Currently low carb for the past couple weeks. Prior to that was also lower carb with higher carbs only around workouts. Definitely not starving myself, but I am trying to lose weight and lost 6 lbs in the past couple weeks.
-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training] - Been running 531 BBB since the end of December. Lifting Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri. Not much if any cardio at the moment.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? - No, never.
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed - Both are very rare the past 6 months or more. Prior to that morning wood was pretty common.

The above tests were done March 23. I had a full physical done in addition to the blood work, and everything else was "normal". I scheduled the appointment with my GP at my wife's insistence and due to my sex drive being basically zero. My GP mailed the results back today with a note stating "Your labs are good except your testosterone level is low as we suspected. If you would like to take testosterone supplements, schedule a follow-up appointment so we can talk about your choices."

I called to schedule a follow-up, and they have nothing available until May 11. So that's when I'm scheduled to go back unless a cancellation pops up. In the meantime, I am hoping to get some feedback on these results and explore choices to discuss with the doctor in May. I'm also curious about any "natural" low T fixes I might can look into while waiting for May 11. I have not taken my morning and afternoon temps, because I just really looked at this part of the Forums for the first time today after getting my labs back. As for sleep, I get 8 hours most days, but it is often split up as I work til 4am, take my oldest to school at 8am, and then go back to bed. I'm totally unsure about my iodized salt intake, although I regularly cook with salt and use it occasionally for taste. I'm not currently taking a multivitamin because the one I was taking was also an energy booster and contained caffeine, which I have recently cut out. I'm sure there is more info I need to include, and I will be glad to do so. Thanks in advance!


Anyone have any input at all? Haven’t seen KSMan on here this past week. Hope all is well.


Glucose 111 (74-118)
If you were fasting for this it is way too high.

Cholesterol=157, getting too low! Diet too lean?

Is the salt iodized?
Please check body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

TSH is too high, post body temperatures AM&PM then we can go from there.

DO NOT START TRT until you test:

“natural” low T fixes - just to not exist

You need to know if your testes are not working or pituitary is not producing enough LH/FSH

Stickies to read:

  • advice for new guys, see first paragraph
  • thyroid basics

Action items:

  • check and post temperatures - might lead to more labs
  • get LH/FSH and E2 tested