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New to AAS

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly new to the AAS world. I’ve been training for almost 15 years now, and i’ve been competing for 6 years on and off.

My stats: 6,0
200 lbs
10-12% BF

I’m training 4 - 5 times a week and i’m taking care of my nutrition too (don’t count de cals, but always around 300g protein, 200g carbs, 60g fat).

Last year was the first time i used roids. took Anavar for 6 weeks around 40 to 60mg/day with good results, i gained 17 lbs, and kept 12 lbs after that!

I did a lot of reading on the subject and i came up with a cycle… Please be advise, that my main goal is to get lean over size(quality over quantity). if i manage to gain 8-10 lbs while dropping BF around 8% i’ll be more than happy! also since i never done IM and don’t know how my body will react, i’m planning to run it for 4 - 6 weeks. The reason why i’m looking to use masteron is to keep the bloating away.

Test prop. 75mg/EOD
Masteron. 75mg/EOD
arimidex if needed 1mg/day

For the PCT i have plenty of arimidex… will it be enough or should i get nolvadex. my plan was to run arimidex 1mg/day for 4 weeks. i will also take Tribulus 3g/day for 8 weeks to help PCT

Too much adex on cycle…

If it is legit then .25mg EOD should be a good starting point. You can adjust from there as needed.

AIs are not ideal for PCT… AIs and SERMs are totally different. You need to do more research before you jump into this.

The trib is not reliable. I experimented with it on cycle in place of hcg, but that was just an experiment. I would never count on it as a PCT. Get a SERM.

I would run it for 6 weeks.

Really, this is your first REAL cycle, so test only would be good. You should shoot prop esters every day for the most stable blood levels.

Since this is your first real cycle, test only wouldn’t be bad. I would suggest just 500mg Test E broken into 250mg E3D, for a 10 week cycle. You could also do 50-75mg of test prop ED for 6-8 weeks with good results.

If you do go with the same compounds, then I would go with 50mg of test prop ED, and 50mg mast ED.

My .02