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New to 5/3/1 Workout. When to Increase Weight?

Hey all,

I’m new to the 5/3/1 and have read the basic article written on it. Unfortunately, I’m unable to purchase the book at this time, so I was suggested to ask questions here.

Do you increase the 5lb for upper body and 10lb lower body after each cycle or just the first cycle? If I read correctly, all I saw was first cycle, but wanted to double check this.

You increase the weight after each cycle. I strongly recommend you get the book when possible. I was in the same position as you and I found I learnt a lot more once I got the book. It’s definitely worth the price, it’ll last you all your training life.


I’m sorry I don’t want to offend you but I can never understand these “I can’t buy the book” kind of problems. You honestly don’t have 25 bucks to spare ONCE?

How much are you gym fees? Or if you train in a college kind of gym, how much are your college fees? Or if you train at home, how much did your equipment cost? You get the point I’m trying to make?

If you’re really serious about your training, you shouldn’t base your entire training plan on something you saw in an article on the internet.
And if you’re not that serious about your training (nothing wrong with that by the way!), you probably won’t find much good in 5/3/1 or any of Jim’s work, because he’s a no-nonsense guy with a no-nonsense training philosophy and advice. His plans are for the committed, if you just want to do it for some weeks and then switch they won’t really work (no plan will by the way).

Sorry to hijack your thread, this is nothing about you personally, I just don’t seem to get these kind of things.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee every day, you too can help a trainee in need.

Well, where I was working before went fubar and I haven’t been able to find a job since. I’m a certified officer and no one is hiring due to hiring freezes and factories won’t hiring cops because they know we will leave. I get up every morning and go looking for work. The closes gym each way is 30 minutes so I had to stop going to the gym to preserve gas. My wife and I are expecting a baby in the next few days. I’m having to workout in my shop with minimum equipment, bar, plates, and homemade squat rack, and pull-up bar. So, no I don’t have $25 to spare right this moment, and it’s not just some training plan I’m going to do for a few weeks and stop. I need to stay strong and need a great program that I can do for that so this is why I want to start this program. This is why I posted my question here.

I’m sorry if I have offended you, that wasn’t my intention. Like I said, this was more of a general rant aimed at the internet warrior type who switches from one program to the next he found on the internet, without making any kind of commitment, and without even bothering of wanting to read the book, but expecting the authors help on everything for free.

I completely get your situation, maybe I should have asked before posting.

Buy the book or do another program.

As an LEO you get a pass! -You add 5 upper 10 lower to the training max and then recalculate

Search for some ‘blood and chalk’ articles and you’ll get a full idea of the training style…

these worth checking out down the line

No offending, just stating on why I can’t at the moment

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!!

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