New Titan F6 Bench Shirt Questions

My new Titan F6 arrived today. I’m about 53.5-54.0 inches under my armpits just at the nipple line. This shirt is a 56 at the guidance of the rep there at Titan. First shirt in over 10 years (had a hand me down Inzer in high school and it had been sewn at the pits in parts)

I can get the shirt on by myself. Not easy by any means but it is doable. Just standing up, I cannot get my arms back but about a few inches. Even tried a push-up while imitating an incline on my kitchen counter and the same depth happened so the fit seems good. Sleeves are border line too long but they can be tailored up pretty easily at the local seam shop. Maybe can hike them up once I get someone to fit it on me better.

Couple questions.

First, how many lifts can I get out of this shirt? Like will it eventually spring “less” and not be as effective? Or do the shirts always maintain the springiness without material fatigue.

Second, if I train chest twice a week, how long should I work within the shirt to say it is broken in? Simply being able to touch with XXXlbs. of weight? Or benching said weight touched for a certain time period?

Still debating if I need to be using boards or simply lowering until tension comes into play and then pressing up without boards?

Thanks guys!


56 is not a tight fit for you but will give support. Probably won’t take much weight to touch.

Shirt break in is being able to touch in it imo. How long it last depends on how much you use it or try to touch in it.

Washing it will tighten it up if you start losing pop out of it. Don’t use normal detergent.

You might be able to jack it a little tighten it up but its a good beginner shirt. Learn it, wear it out, move up to a better one later on.